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Record with midi keyboard with HD Pro??
by dickandsmithh on 2013-01-02 09:32:43.4200

I just got logic and wanting to use my line 6 hd pro as my soundcard.  I know you can use it for intruments, but can you hook up a midi keyboard to the pro and use plug in effects in a DAW?  Say like for a logic violin???


Re: Record with midi keyboard with HD Pro??
by jimsreynolds on 2013-01-02 09:50:41.7740

Sadly, no. The HD500 cannot act as plugin of any kind.  You would need to route the signal out of your DAW and via the Pod using the audio input/outputs. 

Re: Record with midi keyboard with HD Pro??
by silverhead on 2013-01-02 12:53:35.4800

No - the midi interface on the Pod products is not a full implementation, and is not recognized as a MIDI device in a DAW. Most importantly, the HD Pro midi implementation does not recognize the all-important note on/off midi events that define a midi track/sequence. So your midi keyboard activity is essentially ignored by the HD Pro, and is not passed thru to your DAW.

Re: Record with midi keyboard with HD Pro??
by Rewolf48 on 2013-01-03 05:19:04.1180

Err, with respect to jim and silverhead I don't think they have quite got the question...

I play guitar and keyboards in my band so I have experimented quite a bit in this area, although I will qualify it by saying that I use an HD500 not an HD Pro, but I don't think the functions on the Pro will be any less capable.

I currently use a simple set-up consisting of JTV into HD500 (VDI) and stereo keyboard outs into the FX Loop Return inputs. The HD500 MIDI Out connects to the Keyboard MIDI In, which means that I can change Keyboard Patches and Play Notes by pressing the HD500 switches, and the Keyboard Patches also automatically change as I change HD500 Patches.  This works well if you define an HD500 patch for specific Songs.  The Keyboard Input coming into the FX Return means that I can mix it with the Guitar sounds, so for example I have some songs where I do a Keyboard Introduction then some Guitar parts without having to switch anything.

I have been experimenting with integrating a PC (notebook) into the set-up in order to use Samples and Loops from a DAW with the HD500 acting as the Soundcard via ASIO over USB, and it is possible to send audio output from a DAW so that it plays out of the HD500 Outputs (XLR or 1/4) at the same time as having a drone/pad sound from the Keyboard triggered by an HD500 switch being pressed by my foot at the same time as playing the JTV. (Look out Geddy Lee.... not quite - you have't heard my singing!)

The restriction in the architecture is that the Audio fed in over USB is mixed into the HD500 output audio path, which means that you can only output exactly what the DAW is sending and cannot do additional manipulation in the HD, which you can if you feed the sound into the FX loop so everything including basic volume has to be controlled in the DAW.  I believe that with the HD Pro you can feed audio from a DAW via SPDIF so that is an input in the HD processing but that would require a soundcard on the PC.

As an example of the benefits of combining the HD with a keyboard source most keyboards do something a bit like a hammond organ and they tend to be fixed velocity so you cant vary the sound that well - but if you have a clean hammond patch and then put the FX loop before an Amp in the HD500 (SLO CRUNCH is good) along with the Rotary Speaker effects. delays etc, then you can control the Keyboard level into the amp using one of the Expression Pedals and that varies the volume and distortion and the simple hammond emulation really comes a dynamic monster.

Silverhead is correct in that the MIDI implementation of the HD means that it isn't a MIDI interface over USB - so while it can receive and send MIDI you can't do any of this over the USB link, but that really isn't a problem as you can get a USB MIDI interface for a few £s e.g.">"> that will allow the Keyboard MIDI Out (and/or HD MIDI Out) to feed into the DAW and DAW MIDI Out to feed into the HD and Keyboard (if you are using one as a sound source).  You just need a few more cables.

Re: Record with midi keyboard with HD Pro??
by jimsreynolds on 2013-01-03 06:26:03.0640

Reading the original post, I think that I probably do have the wrong end of the stick but Silverhead may or may not.  In any case, hopefully dickandsmithh has his answer ... ?

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