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Line 6 POD Studio GX problems
by PostmanPig on 2013-01-04 07:52:51.2380

I'm getting really frustrated with this product!

Everyone seems to say it's easy to use but I'm getting nowhere. It may be I have a defective product but I don't know! The manuals are forever telling me what everything does.

All I want to do is simply play my bass through the computer and overlay it on top of existing tracks. I can fiddle about later once I know what I'm doing.

Can anyone please help me with a simple set of instructions for an idiot like me to follow?

If it's any use, I used to use a RockFrog but had to ditch it as it's not Windows 7 compatible.

Thanks in anticipation.

Re: Line 6 POD Studio GX problems
by silverhead on 2013-01-04 08:12:34.6410

PostmanPig wrote:


All I want to do is simply play my bass through the computer and overlay it on top of existing tracks.....

I know it sounds simple, but we need a little more detail on what exactly you are trying to do. It sounds like you want to record a new track (your bass) into an existing 'song' in some audio recording program that is running on your computer. But you also could just want to hear (not record) your bass as you play along with a backing track from something like iTunes that is running on your computer. Which is it?

Also, please let us know how you are connecting your bass guitar, GX, computer, and speakers/headphones. What software is running on your computer for this purpose? In particular, are you using Pod Farm with your setup? If so, are you running Pod Farm in standalone mode, or as a plugin to your recording program?

Most importantly - let us know if any parts of the above questions don't make sense to you.

Re: Line 6 POD Studio GX problems
by Triryche on 2013-01-04 08:33:13.1440

+1 to silverhead.

Also, here's a couple links that may help get you started (which can be found under the Documents tab in this forum)">">">">

Re: Line 6 POD Studio GX problems
by PostmanPig on 2013-01-06 12:26:11.3080

Thanks for you replies.

As mentioned I used to have a Jammate Rockfrog. All I want to do is play MP3s (Windows Media Player) on my computer and simultaneously play my bass. Both sounds come through my stereo's headphone jack. Rockfrog did this perfectly but POD Studio GX is causing endless hassle.

I am currently running Pod Farm 2.53. I did update to 2.55 and instaledl Line 6 Monkey but these had the effect of totally knocking out my sound. They were uninstalled and have resorted to Pod Farm 2.53.

As you may have gathered I managed to get the thing to work but I have no idea how I got it to as I don't seem to have done anything different!

The POD Studio GX now does what I wanted it to do. However, I now have a new problem in that whenever I play there is a short delay (fractions of a second) in playing the note and it reaching my headphones. Therefore playing along with something is impossible due to the delay which sounds like an echo. I have tried playing without any music on my computer and delay is still there.

I am running the sound through my stereo and I am not recording (and have no immention in doing so).

Hope this helps.

Re: Line 6 POD Studio GX problems
by silverhead on 2013-01-06 13:23:46.7660

Try connecting your speakers/headphones to your Pod Studio GX (not your computer). When you connect the GX it becomes your computer's soundcard. Media Player will be heard through the GX outputs, along with your bass guitar.

Re: Line 6 POD Studio GX problems
by PostmanPig on 2013-01-07 00:47:10.3830

Thanks for that. I was doing it anyway (one of several premutuations I attempted) and I managed to successfully confuse myself (not difficult).

Anyway, I eventually found the delay problem - my bluetooth headphones. It appears I need yet another wire trailing around my ankles for the dog to play with.

Thanks for your help to those that replied and no doubt I will need your assistance again!!!

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