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JTV Acoustic distorting
by Leftzilla on 2013-01-04 09:37:14.1650

Running a JTV 59 through a HD500 and I keep getting a distorted or very buzzy sound on the acoustics when I strum.  I am wondering if this might be string buzz from digging in on the strum too much or am I outputting to loud of a signal and breaking up the HD500 input.  Anybody else run in to this?

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by diggerbarnz on 2013-01-05 05:43:25.3530

same here  - breaks up bad, picking is fine yet strumming sucks(volume @ 1/2 betters it but...)

Hoping 4 an answer 4 us both!

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by kylesalone on 2013-01-07 10:26:39.8480

if your plugged into a pa, then your gain on the pa board may be to high. I had horrible break up/buzz on certain patches and when I checked the gain, it fixed it when lowered. Zero out your gain.

Hope this helps

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by adessmith on 2013-01-08 06:12:48.7170

Yeah, the biggest problem (as far as console gain) is that a lot of lower end consoles dont have a "Pad" you can engage on the channel.
Any sort of "line level signals" (most equipment that outputs XLR other than microphones) will need to be padded to keep from clipping the preamp.
If this is the case, even bringing the gain all the way down to the lowest setting MIGHT not be enough.
You will have to lower the output from the guitar, or put a pad inline.
One of the easiest ways I have come up with to do this (when using an acoustic) is to route the guitar into a direct box that includes a pad (or attenuator) to lower the output.

Personally, with my JTV I use a Pod X3L, and I just keep the master volume just a little lower than 1/2.

I have been wanting to get an inline pad, so I can turn on the fixed level output on the pod.

More details about your setup might help.

From the HD500, where does your signal go? Does it go to an amp, or direct to the Mixing console?

Are there any other effects or gear involved? (Before or after the POD, or in the effects loop?)
Do you still have the same problem if you monitor through headphones?

How is your acoustic patch setup on the HD500?

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by diggerbarnz on 2013-01-09 05:05:09.4550

sorry Leftzilla - not meaning to hijack yer thread!

Myself, I run xlr out to T1 bose mixer then PA - eq flat as dor patch setups - they're from custom tone  - will look on laptop & upload em if I can

By accident I'd hooked up 1/4 line from pod to mixer the other night & obviously redlined the 1st set! But - after correcting that...alll was green light but acoustic is always way louder than elec sounnds

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by BigChas52 on 2013-01-09 05:26:03.6300

I've found that acoustic strumming on the Variax takes a lighter touch than you might be accustomed to.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  I do tend to strum harder when playing acoustic, thus creating more string buzz and mechanical noise, which the piezo's are susceptable to.  With the action a bit lower, and the strings lighter than a real acoustic guitar, fret buzz is a lot easier to be a side effect.

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by Leftzilla on 2013-01-09 06:45:37.3830

diggerbarnz no worries, BigChas52 I tend to think you are right on the root problem.  I also have a VAC700 whihc doesn't have this problem and I dig into it pretty good but the JTV is more optimized for single note optimization than rhythmic strumming.  I run direct into a HD500 with the pad switch engaged and then straight to the board.  Master volume is set at 1/2.  I have been using the 1/4 inch outputs but may also try the XLR to see if it makes a difference.

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by BigChas52 on 2013-01-09 06:56:04.8300

I can speak for others, but the setup on my JT59 is also less than ideal.  I've found that the nut was cut too deep, which also can add to buzzing issues.  Currently it's at my luthier for a complete setup, adjustment, and fret dress (Plek)  .  They caught the nut issue right away, and they're going to shim it.  I told them not to set the action too low, just because of the acoustic modeling.  I'm REALLY lookng forward to getting it back later in the week.

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by diggerbarnz on 2013-01-09 07:03:17.9310

ya - XLR definately (I think) as for changing my strumming after 40 yrs..., that'll be tough!

PS - if anyone would be willing to share acoustic presets, much appreciated

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-09 07:08:10.5370

not sure it would work, but i'd try turning down the input z to see if that didn't help curb the issue.

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by silverhead on 2013-01-09 07:10:22.7880

BigChas52, I think you are going to love it. I had my JTV-59 frets completely replaced (not just dressed) because I found them way too bulky. With normal-size frets, and after a professional setup, it now plays like a dream. You are right about raising the action a bit - when I first got it back the action allowed some fret buzz, as most low action setups on electric guitar will. But I found that fret buzz really interfered with the modeling so I raised the action slightly and it sounds much better.

Re: JTV Acoustic distorting
by jcosta_sr on 2013-01-14 15:47:21.3380

I have this problem too and I thought the solution was strumming lightly........The real problem is overdriving the signal path.............I have added a couple of eq's and pre amps to amplify the signal and balance the sounds with my electric patches on stage.  This morning I down loaded the most recent bundle and looked at the DI Dreadnought patch.  When comparing to my electric patches there was a significant drop is volume, even if I increased the mixer to 12 db.  However, I could really strum on it.....I added the vintage preamp and increased the gain to about 65% and started to get the distortion when I was strumming. 

My takeaway is that I need to rethink how I went about leveling out my patches. 

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