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POD HD300 Beginner - Dirty tones?
by BreakfastClub on 2013-01-05 12:40:26.0730

Hi I have been an acoustic guitarist all my life and only recently got into electrics. Have been fiddling with the POD HD300 for 2 months and can't seem to get a basic dirty tone out of it. When I plug my guitar directly into my basic practice Marshall amp (MG10CF), on the distortion channel, I get a decent simple dirty tone - can someone help with how I can closely replicate this with the POD (i.e. so that when i do guitar-->POD-->clean channel of amps, I get the same sound)? Have tried different kinds of bundled amp models and messed around with a bunch of the FXs but nothing seems to sound like it..

Re: POD HD300 Beginner - Dirty tones?
by CairnsFella on 2013-01-05 19:33:06.0330

I guess the best answer would be from someone that knows what that amp sounds like.

I hope you dont think I am being funny here (I assure you that isnt my intention), but given that you own that it already, I would say the best way to acheive the the required tone is to use your existing amp.

Of course if you are gigging etc, that may not be so feasable.

Re: POD HD300 Beginner - Dirty tones?
by BreakfastClub on 2013-01-07 20:10:46.6070

I am indeed gigging, which is the reason why I'm trying to have all my sounds on the POD.

I'm not super tied to my particular amp's distortion tone, just trying to get a basic, mainstream dirty tone. But somehow can't seem to find the right combination of amp model / FX that gives that. Everything sounds either too dirty, or, for lack of a better term, weird.

I know I'm not being very helpful in how i'm wording my question - admittedly I'm very much an amateur. But thanks anyway!

Re: POD HD300 Beginner - Dirty tones?
by PremiumJones on 2013-01-07 21:22:24.7580

You cant get good sounds going intot he front of an amp. Thats not what a POD is designed for. Plug it into the FX loop return, or a channel strip on the PA.

You can get close by using only Pre models, but even that is not ideal. You are preamping the signal twice, and that will never result in anythin good.

Re: POD HD300 Beginner - Dirty tones?
by BreakfastClub on 2013-01-13 14:08:35.8890

PremiumJones - thanks for the tip. I've been researching what you described and I think I almost get the gist of it now. Basically find an amp which has an fx loop return 1/4 jack, and run my POD's unbalanced output directly to that, so that I skip the amp's pre-amp and go straight to its power amp?

An additional question which has been very confusing for me to figure out.. what do I set the two hardware settings at the back of the POD to, if I want to use this arrangement? I'm talking about the "Output Mode" switch (Live vs Studio) and the switch at the Unbalanced Output (Line vs Amp). Am trying to figure out what these two switches mean, have read a bunch of articles but still can't get a grip on it... Hope you can help clear this up for me as well. Thanks again!!

Re: POD HD300 Beginner - Dirty tones?
by PremiumJones on 2013-01-15 12:14:49.3150

In this case I'd start with Live output mode and Line level.

Studio/Direct vs. Live - sort of a quick and dirty way to switch the whole mess between full range (PA or recording) to Live (power amp+guitar speakers) operations. In Live mode, there is no mic sim and the cab is "specially voiced" for Live use. You can still get good tones messing with power amps and power amp DEPs though. You could theoretically get the same thing using Studio/Direct and turning off the cab/mics.

Line vs. Amp - depends on the sensitivity of the FX return/power amp you are using. 9/10 times it "should" be on Line, but the only real difference is that Amp level is much lower. Sometimes, if you are driving outboard effects with the signal from the POD, it will have to be on Amp to avoid clipping the inputs of the effects.

In actual practise, my main 4 tone setup for use with a power amp/guitar speakers is like so right now:

POD set to Live mode, Line level, using L and R 1/4" into FX returns on a stereo SS head or using only the L 1/4" into a tube head:

Clean - Pre model only

Mid gain - full amp, no cab/mic

Hi gain rhythm - pre only, with cab/mic

Lead - full amp, cab, and mic

So make sure you experiement.....

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