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(219909) Smooth Blackface + EVH Variac`d Plexi by redscarabstudios
by Line6Customtone on 2013-01-07 04:29:51.0090

Great Dual Tone to tackle Eddie's earlier VHII through Diver Down era. This tone has a lot of rasp and cut... perfect for cutting through the mix like Eddie did. This Dual Tone patch has a clean channel that gives a bit more detail and sparkle to chords alongside the dirty Plexi tone. Great for DiMartini, Lynch, Lee and Bratta too.

Re: (219909) Smooth Blackface + EVH Variac`d Plexi by redscarabstudios
by redscarabstudios on 2013-01-07 04:29:51.1640

The "Tone Volume", "Master Volume" and "compressor: threshold and level" controls can influence the amount of gain that hits your amp(s). Everyone's rig is different and I sometimes tweak those very settings depending on where I'm at and what I am doing. Those controls listed above are fairly fluid and should be adjusted to taste by anyone who downloads this tone. It's a Dual Sound set-up with a simultaneous Dirty and Clean tone... those "tone volumes" can be manipulated to taste as well. I keep my rig running pretty lean without much low end, but feel free to dial in as much low end as you need, there's a lot of headroom for bass with these patches.

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