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(219908) Eddie Van Halen + Mr. Clean by redscarabstudios
by Line6Customtone on 2013-01-07 04:30:11.4310

Attempt at a 1984 era tone. Dual Tone function provides a clean secondary tone that allows for clarity alongside of the overdriven patch. Does a real good emulation of Eddie's basic 1984Diver Down sound and can be used for DiMartini, Lynch, Lee and Bratta too. Great for super strats, teles, strats and pretty much any type of electric guitar. The sound is crisp and aggressive... not a lot of low end here.

Re: (219908) Eddie Van Halen + Mr. Clean by redscarabstudios
by redscarabstudios on 2013-01-07 04:30:11.5380

The "Tone Volume", "Master Volume" and "compressor: threshold and level" controls can influence the amount of gain that hits your amp(s). Everyone's rig is different and I sometimes tweak those very settings depending on where I'm at and what I am doing. Those controls listed above are fairly fluid and should be adjusted to taste by anyone who downloads this tone. It's a Dual Sound set-up with a simultaneous Dirty and Clean tone... those "tone volumes" can be manipulated to taste as well. I keep my rig running pretty lean without much low end, but feel free to dial in as much low end as you need, there's a lot of headroom for bass with these patches.

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