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G50 Range Question
by huds85 on 2013-01-07 14:11:17.7510

OK... first of all, I'm a wireless newbie... I've been researching systems and talking to musician freinds and have one final question before I spring for a G50.

I play in a bar band and we're typically NOT up on a stage or anything... at the same level as the patrons - I plan on sticking the receiver down on my pedal board.  With our revised line-up, we have a couple spots in our sets where the singer and I will head out into the audience wandering around. I've had a few people "warn me" that in a good-sized crowd if the transmitter doesn't have a somewhat unobstructed line of sight to the receiver I could experience dropouts (these were owners of *other* wireless systems).  So... considering my receiver would be down on the floor my question is "Will that be a problem?" 

I could possibly switch around how I have things wired and stick the receiver on top of my amp, but I use a combo so that typically will only add 36-40 inches depending on what I put the amp on.

Is this a "dude... don't worry about it" thing?

Thanks in advance!

Re: G50 Range Question
by sdevino on 2013-01-07 16:41:04.9150

It really depends on how dense the crowd is and whether or not the room reflects the signal, and how far you are planning to travel.

If you dive deep into a crowd and are only 20 or 30 feet from the receiver you will probably be ok in most cases. If you really want to be safe just use a short length of antenna cable (availabel on our website) to put one of the antennas up a little higher. you will also need a bullet style BNC turn around which you can get for a couple of dollars from any Radio shack.


Re: G50 Range Question
by huds85 on 2013-03-04 08:43:01.0340

Wanted to provide an update... I purchased the G50 system.  Did my first gig with it last Saturday and everything worked fine.  It was a 4 set night - used the wireless for a full 3 sets (approx 45 minutes each) and 3 songs from the 4th set.  Battery life indicator on receiver only showed down 1 LED at end of night (turned transmitter off when not in use).   I did one trip into the audience... probably 50-70ft around the back of the bar and return through a fairly thick crowd in spots.  No noticeable drop out.  So far, I'm a happy camper.

I did get an extension for one antenna so I could mount it a bit higher up (on mic stand)...

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