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Can you order a US made in any custom woods or tops?
by ke3ee on 2013-01-07 15:55:19.9070

I figure If I am going to spend $4800 on a US made guitar it might as well have the top I want. I'd like to order a JTV-59US with a KOA top. I have a LP,SG, Tele,Carvin all US made all great guitars but I have to admit the one I seem to keep picking up is my JTV-59p. I love the ability to change tunings quickly even more than the different guitar modelings.Has anyone cusotm ordered a JTV?

Re: Can you order a US made in any custom woods or tops?
by phil_m on 2013-01-07 16:10:40.9900

The "custom" part of the US Variax is used more like the way Gibson uses it when they sell a Les Paul Custom. It's not a custom shop in the sense that you call them up or send them an order with exacting specs. You still have to pick from the options that are available, and unfortunately a KOA top isn't one of them. I believe this link has all the variations available (although, the 59P and 69S models aren't listed).">">

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