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M13 Firmware/Flash/Update
by sargal on 2013-01-08 05:13:37.2940

Yesterday, I attempted to update the M13 software using the instructions found at

I specificially bought a MIDI interface for the interaction with the M13 (save/load settings and software update): the Roland UM-ONE.

Now, after dozens of unsuccessful attempts with both OSX (Librarian) and Windows7 (Ox and Send) with the software installed on two different machines with different settings for transfer speed and delays, I gave up. Between the attempts, I tried the ideas I found in other "update problem" threads, like changing speed, delay, or even use another software. Every attempt resulted in the format error message after a few seconds. Drivers and software on both machines are up to date.

Since I really want the connectivity, I decided to buy the M-Audio MIDI-Interface resulting in two interfaces in total just for the M13...

Right now I'm waiting for the delivery to test this procedure with the new interface.

I don't know about you, but I think this is serious bs. Why doesn't Line6 use some communication method that actually works for larger files?

Looking at the forums, there are so many people having problems with the update. Had they used a simple USB connection that even the cheapest devices have these days, we'd all be fine I suppose.

Regardless of the usability of the M-Audio interface, I learned my lesson and will act consequently next time.

Re: M13 Firmware/Flash/Update
by phil_m on 2013-01-08 06:45:50.2340

Did you try doing the update with only the MIDI out from the adapter connected to the MIDI in of the M13.

I really don't think that there's an inherent problem with using MIDI sysex files to do the update. It's just that there's a lot of bad adapters and drivers out there. The M-Audio products do seem to work best, but I'm surprised you couldn't get the Roland to work. I'd also say that having a USB interface doesn't guarantee a smooth update process either. There's plenty of people who have issues with updating PODs or Variaxes over USB. I think it's just that because there's a lot variables in these things that there's a lot of potential problems all around. There's not only different operating systems to worry about, but different system configurations, driver conflicts that arise from those, and so on.

Re: M13 Firmware/Flash/Update
by sargal on 2013-01-09 15:34:56.2580

Yes, I had only the MIDI out of the interface in the MIDI in of the M13.

I somewhat agree on your comment on USB updates. There are some companies out there that deliver update software for USB port connection that doesn't work, e.g. Sony. I'm really disappointed having a 2012 Android phone and their software keeps crashing on updates and file transfers (music, pictures and the like). Luckily, most update procedures involving USB connections with other products are hassle-free.

So I'd appreciate having a USB connection on the M13 or any other product since it's so much faster and I don't have to buy a separate MIDI interface. Remember before USB scanners (now LAN+WLAN) came out, some scanners required you to have/buy a SCSI interface to connect the scanner to. While SCSI was good at the time, only a few people actually had it since it was so much more expensive than IDE. For me, since I didn't have a MIDI interface yet, it was the same situation. Now I found my interface not working with the M13 just like some SCSI interfaces didn't work with some scanners back in the day.

Waiting for the delivery of the M-Audio interface to test this further.

Re: M13 Firmware/Flash/Update
by sargal on 2013-01-21 13:30:45.3440


The M-Audio Uno did the update successfully it seems.

Transfer completed.

In case someone else has a similar problem, here is what I used:

  • Mac OS X 10.8.2
  • SysEx Librarian 1.3
    • Pause between played messages: 159ms
    • SysEx receive timeout: 1s
    • Transmit speed: 100% (3125 Bytes/s)
  • File: M13_BFlash_2_04_00.syx

The only strange thing I notice is that the M13 shows "Factory Boot V0.02.0b" after the update with the v2.04 file. Dunno if it's just the version of the boot loader or if the image is numbered wrong or if the update didn't succeed after all...

Can't test the M13 further at the moment.

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