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M13 - stereo compressor?
by adamisbass on 2013-01-08 14:24:41.1180


is anybody using the M13 to produce stereo effects, and compressing the stereo output signal? I understand that the built-in compressors produce mono only, do you have a tip, what compressor would be good to compress the stereo signal off-board? Or just use 2 mono compressors?

The reason I want to do that is that some filter effects produce extreme signal amplitude peaks.

Re: M13 - stereo compressor?
by phil_m on 2013-01-08 14:42:21.4000

I don't know of any true stereo compressors in pedal form. Have you tried experimenting with compressors in front of the filter effects?

Re: M13 - stereo compressor?
by adamisbass on 2013-01-10 11:48:40.6550

I have a compressor dialed in on FX1 on almost all scenes. That helps get a good basic signal for the other effects. The problems arise when I have some filter or some modulation effects, which can boost the volume depending on the parameters. Putting an M13-comp last changes the signal to mono again.

I would also be willing to try a rack compressor, please make a suggetion.

Re: M13 - stereo compressor?
by phil_m on 2013-01-10 12:17:28.8500

Well, there are a bunch of different manufacturer's that make rack compressors. I hesitate to recommend Behringer just because they kind of have some questionable business practices in my mind, but I've actually used a few of theirs, and I like them quite a bit.">">

It could end up being overkill for what you want, though.

Re: M13 - stereo compressor?
by adamisbass on 2013-01-13 12:57:12.6430

Hi Phil,

I appreciate that you took the time to recommend a stereo compressor. I will consider that one, but also take a look at some others. I'm just not sure about Behringer.

On another note, I discovered that I can use an EQ effect in FX4 to compensate for amplitude variations... it doesn't work perfect, but helps a little. Now I am using 2 out of 4 FX-slots just for amplitude management...

Re: M13 - stereo compressor?
by adamisbass on 2013-01-29 10:35:15.3220

To finish this thread up: I got the Really Nice Compressor and am pretty happy with that.

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