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Can i get my Pod Farm 2 application to record with pro tools 9 MP?
by benbrletic on 2013-01-08 16:14:49.3960

I recently purchased a guitar center bundle that included the application version of POD FARM 2.  I can access this application and use my m-box to play my guitar through it, but the output goes to the speakers on my mac.  Is there any way (preferably without the purchase of additional equipment) that i can set Pro Tools as the output and possibly even see it as an Audiosuite pulldown option? Thanks.

Re: Can i get my Pod Farm 2 application to record with pro tools 9 MP?
by GenevaView on 2013-01-09 21:57:09.1050

I'm new to Podfarm as well, still trying to learn the in's and out's, but from what I gather, you can use it two ways, either as a the standalone, or as a plug-in. With the stand alone option, I believe you can just route Podfarm to a track and record that way..

You can use Podfarm as an INSERT plug-in. Easiest way is to go to your mixer window (Cmd + =, hold Command and press =) and then click on the insert tab towards the top of the track you are recording to, find and choose Podfarm, it will load onto that track and you should be good to go. After you find the tone you like, you can render it to your track, and save CPU power. As for your guitar input. just plug into your Mbox, create a mono or stereo track. and set the track input to be whatever input you are using on the Mbox. Make sure the output of the track is set to whatever you are using to monitor.

If you can't find the Podfarm in the insert dropdowns, make sure that it is listed in the plugins subfolder in the Protools folder on your hardrive. If it's not there, you'll go to the Line6 folder, find it and cut and paste it into the Protools plugin folder, and that should do the trick.

I'm sure someone else here can help with the actual routing of Podfarm standalone into Protools for you. I haven't gotten that far yet.

Hope this helps!

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