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Spider IV HD150 blown speaker sound
by marcyozay on 2013-01-08 22:02:14.4890

I recently bought a Line 6 Spider IV HD 150 head and an FBV Shortboard (the older one without the USB port - which was listed to work with this amp on the website). I had absolutely no problems with this amp at all for 3 weeks. This past week it started crapping out on me. I have the master and channel volumes halfway up and any low frequency or any time I palm mute on a high gain channel (even factory presets) the amp starts crackling up and the sound starts cutting out. At first it sounded just like a blown speaker, but I checked the cabinet and then replicated this problem with other cabinets/cables/guitars and tested the other gear with other amps and had no issues at all. I made sure the ohm ratings matched up on the amp and cabinet. It is definitely this head and it happens no matter what I connect it to. It really sounds like a blown speaker mixed with a clipping effect.

I tried a factory reset and it did not help. I tried it without the floorboard connected and did another reset and it did not help. I've noticed that it takes about ten minutes to happen the first time and then after that it happens over and over again until I let it sit a few hours and then I get another ten minutes out of it. I googled this issue and found a few reviews/forum posts related to this issue (or at least issues that sound the same in their description), so I'm sure Line 6 is aware of what the problem is though I didn't find any answers where I was looking.

Is this a common problem?

I am definitely returning this amp, but I really liked it and I liked other line 6 products I have, but should I stear clear of this amp and move on to something else??

Re: Spider IV HD150 blown speaker sound
by fflbrgst on 2013-01-09 05:26:50.2780

I've been on this forum for a couple of years and don't remember of hearing of a similar problem.  Just sounds like a component failed (or fails upon heating up).

Re: Spider IV HD150 blown speaker sound
by marcyozay on 2013-01-09 08:34:09.9900

That is certainly comforting to hear that it doesn't happen often. I really like the capabilities of this amp and it worked and sounded great at first.

Btw, I didn't see anything on this forum about it. One was on a guitar tech forum and others were reviews on Musicians Friend and ZZounds. That's about all I could find relating to this issue and nobody had an answer to what the problem was or the course of action taken.

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