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2nd JTV-59P... still buzzing
by nowan22 on 2013-01-09 09:36:14.4500

hi all,

I just got myself a JTV-59P for christmas. I ordered it online.

I got it fairly quickly but the factory setup was wrong... lowest action possible but buzzing all over the place. I took it to a luthier who gave it back with light buzzing on the low E string... pointing to a low nut... I sent it back to the shop and just got another one.

This time the buzzing was more subtle on the factory settings and occurred only on the low E string. I rised the bridge (1,5 turn) to now have a guitar that doesn't buzz when I lightly strike my strings...

But still... on the low E string there seems to have a buzz around the nut... When I place my finger under the string behind the nut, the buzzing vanishes... I'm gonna try and restring this E to wrap it higher on the tuner.

Do JTV-59 owners had this problem? Is it a 59P specific problem?

Does anyone found himself in the same situation? I might get it to the luthier too to have his opinion... but I'm wondering if I should send it back again...

Since everyone says that the sound of this guitar and its modulation requires absolute perfect setup, is it worth playing if not properly setup?

In advance, thanks a lot for your comments and advice

Re: 2nd JTV-59P... still buzzing
by Krontab on 2013-01-09 10:52:58.4130

I have a JTV-59 and I initially setup the guitar to have a .002" relief like a Les Paul and was able to get the action fairly low using .009 - .042 strings but with the neck that straight I got a slight buzz if I picked hard on the low E below the 7th fret. I added a 1/4 turn of relief and that cleared up. End action is 3/64ths" on the high string and 5/64ths" on the low string side (measured at the 12 fret). I can still get it to buzz but I have to hit the string with wreckless abandon.

Re: 2nd JTV-59P... still buzzing
by Nipp on 2013-01-19 04:49:24.3790

Did you try putting your left hand on the tuners - one by one?

I've had guitars that resonated such that giving noise similar to buzz at certain notes - and putting hand on one of the tuners it went away.

Adjusting the knob - tightening a bit - did the trick.

Resonating noises are funny in the way they can make it through the entire guitar.

It could be untight screw at pickup frame, cover on bridge, one potentiometer and many other things.

Just a thought.

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