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Condensor mic with UX8
by jnkitay on 2013-01-09 15:02:21.6640

I am using a Line 6 UX8 interface and trying to set up my Rode NT1A Condensor Mic.

For the life of me I can't get any volume wihout cranking the volume knob and the micorphone gain knob and even then the ouput is pathetic. I also increased the volume on everything conceivable under system preferences (I am using a Mac 10.6.8).

Furthermore, this seems to be an ongoing problem for a lot of users in the forum and nobody has provided a definitive answer.

Can somebody please offer some advice.

other important info:

phatom power is turned on

volume on both KRK monitors is at its MAX

The volume knob on the UX8 interface is up almost all the way before it starts to get feedback

The gain knob on the microphone is also up almost all the way, but starts to squeal if I go any futrther

The DI is cranked in mixer view in POD Farm

All faders are up full

Both +18 DB are enabled in send 9-10 11-12

All drivers are the most current

I tried all 8 micorphone inputs with the exact same result

All noise gates and compressors are turned off

Re: Condensor mic with UX8
by hulbert on 2013-01-09 22:55:00.8090


   Just wondered what its like with the DI right down. I keep the DI right down and just use the effected sound.

Interesting that you get feedback and squeals when things are turned up but not proper signal coming out.

Not sure if I have asked you this already in another post or not (forgive me if I have) - what do the levels on the meters look like on the device and in pod farm input and output. Does it look like its showing up there but just not coming through later, or do they all look really low?

God Bless,


Re: Condensor mic with UX8
by jnkitay on 2013-01-12 07:06:16.4250

Hey David! I just took screen captures of everything!

Studio Monitors: I can’t hear anything until the gain knob on the UX8 on microphone input 2 is at 12 O’Clock and master Volume is at 2 O’Clock. Volume at back of both KRK 8” Monitors are at full.

Headphones:  I can’t hear anything until gain the knobs on the microphone input and headphone volume are both at 12 O’clock.

UX8: Phantom power is turned on. The -20 pad switch and the 75 Hz cut off switch on the front of the UX8 panel are both off. However, the cutoff switch does seem to increase sound by a fraction. I have tried all 8 Microphone/line inputs on the UX8, all have the same results.

Mixer view.png

Preference Hardware.png

Preference MIDI.png




Audio-Midi - Driver.png

Run Audio MIDI Setup: As you can see from the screen captures, the CH Volume is way down. Although it is highlighted in Blue, I can’t change the volume settings. Furthermore, the option to “use this device for sound input and output” are greyed out in the bottom left hand corner. I have a feeling that the solution to my problem lies here. Any thoughts?

AUDIO Device Input.png

AUDIO Device Output.png

Re: Condensor mic with UX8
by jnkitay on 2013-01-12 07:35:12.4940

One more question:

Do you think plugging the micorphone into a mixer before the signal goes into the UX8 will help?

Re: Condensor mic with UX8
by hulbert on 2013-01-12 18:27:26.1590


   I don't have a ux8 but on my ux2 I set the mic gain on the device to about just after 3 o' clock, which is just after position 5 out of 6 on it, so I have mine up a fair way. This is for vocals and acoustic guitar bits, and seems to be working ok there.

I don't have the same screens for mine but yes, that (the volume ins and outs that you can't change) looks like it might be the problem/solution.

Have you had a look in the computer's volume settings area? Maybe the levels are down in there or something not selected. I have spoken to a couple of other mac users who have had problems with their computer for some reason changing levels in the computer's volume settings area, or changing what is enabled.

Maybe your best bet would be to start a new question on here about how to change settings in the audio setup picture you posted above and hopefully someone with a UX8 can suggest how to do that - or if thise levels should be up or not etc.

I don't think the mic should need a mixer before going into the ux8.

By the way, are you running two mics/ do you have it set up for two mics? Its just I noticed it said stereo for the mic inputs. It shouldn't affect things but is there any difference when its not set to stereo?

I'll see if I can see anything around about those settings,

I'm now adding to this post because I've had a look in the pod farm advanced user guide, and it says that the volume levels in that area -input and output can't be changed if used with the ux8. It says that the levels in pod farm standalone do the exact same thing and these can be changed.

From memory, I think you said you tried all of the levels in standalone, so that's a pity.

By the way, if you don't have it already, the PF guides are at:

Maybe there is something else in there that you haven't tried. I couldn't see anything in the Mac section that looked different to your pics (different version) except that their levels in that section were up high and yours are right down. Do you know if these change after you've changed the levels in pod farm standalone?

Hope something comes up to give the answer,

God Bless,


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