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Anyone using HD500 With Pro Tools and IR's?
by BMoe on 2013-01-09 17:45:17.6660

Anyone experienced using the HD 500 with Pro Tools?  I am thinking I will need a Convolution Plugin with some IR cabs to get this thing sounding great.

The reason being, I am trying to get some great sound out of my new Mac Pro (yes, a switcher) and Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, for recording in ProTools 10.

Using that setup, the HD 500 sounds very digital, recorded and also,  just XLR hooked up to the Saffire out to my Mackie HR824 speakers.

I never had this digital sounding problem with my Window Vista machine with a Realtek sound card ( I know cheap) using Cubase LE4. Just a little history,

before leaning about computer recording , I was using a Roland VS1680 for recording so this computer recording is fairly new to me.

Back to the Convolution Plugin/IR thing, I tested with Scuffhams S-Gear Demo, just using the IR's in the plugin (no Amp)  with the HD500 as an input, and went thru all the HD500's amps

without a cab (NO CAB) and the HD 500 sounded super, very pleased. but can't record with this plugin in Pro Tools because it is a VST3 and Pro Tools

needs RTAS or AAX plugins. ( I guess Scuffham will have a Pro Tools plugin soon).

Anyway, is there anyone using something like Redwirez MIR2 and their IR's, with the HD500 to get great results.



Re: Anyone using HD500 With Pro Tools and IR's?
by BMoe on 2013-01-10 17:03:49.6680


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