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3 issues with my M5? (Tuner/stereo/boot-up)
by Godspeed64 on 2013-01-10 01:29:33.7020

I've got 3 problems with my M5. The warranty just ended 2 weeks back so I can't just waltz into a shop to check on it.

Firstly, the tuner no longer works. I can't get onto the page and the notes are not detected.

Second, I run my set-up in stereo. When I start to run in stereo, the M5 only runs the left (mono) output FULLY WET. That means the right output will have a sound when the M5 is bypassed, but when I switch on my effects then my left amp can be heard (without the dry signal mind you, so only effected).

Third, the boot-up issues with the M5. Sometimes it detects sometimes it doesn't. It's much worse for my friend as mind usually boots properly the next time around. My bandmate has to keep trying for 10 minutes before it starts up.

Any ideas what on Earth is happening? It just has to happen once warranty ends. Btw powered with a Cioks DC10.

Re: 3 issues with my M5? (Tuner/stereo/boot-up)
by Godspeed64 on 2013-01-11 05:50:22.3710

can anyone from line 6 respond?

a tuner that doesn't pick up my signal

attaching another cable in the output to make it stereo immediately kills the left (mono) dry sound

Re: 3 issues with my M5? (Tuner/stereo/boot-up)
by phil_m on 2013-01-11 06:13:17.4350

Line 6 doesn't really do support through the forums anymore. They've moved to a support ticket system. Your best bet is to open up a support ticket here:">">

Re: 3 issues with my M5? (Tuner/stereo/boot-up)
by Godspeed64 on 2013-01-11 06:27:01.0250

thanks mate. i did that already and i'm still waiting for a response. any users with this issue?

Re: 3 issues with my M5? (Tuner/stereo/boot-up)
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-11 07:04:07.1020

not seen that exact array of issues myself...

but i'd give them a call....

that close to the warranty... i'd ask/beg nicely....">">

no guarantee's... but i wouldn't think that it would hurt to plead your case.

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