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Line 6 M13 + other pedals or programable switcher + other pedals? OR BOTH?
by Giax1974 on 2013-01-10 07:39:08.5460
Hi, I have a doubt on my setup, maybe someone can help.

I use a Line 6 M13 and other pedals:
Tuner>Vibe>Compressor>M13 >M13loop(Fuzz>POG2>Dly)>AMP

I use some presets on the M13 which activates 3 pedals on the loop+other pedals before the M13.

I could also setup those FXs without The M13, but I will have to add a some pedals, and a cheap programmable pedal switcher like the PXL8 or Vittos.

I turn ON the combination of pedals at the beggining of the song. then I I go between that FX and a clean switch with the Loop OFF on the M13.
I do that for all my songs.

The questions are:
Is it worth to get a programmable pedal switcher to replace the M13...

Is it worth to get a programmable pedal switcher to work with the M13, both together?
In this scenario, would you put the M13 in one of the 8 loops?
Or would you place the switcher inside the M13 loop so you can acces those presets Inside the M13 switches?
This is confusing.
ADVANTAGES of keeping the M13 is the amount of fxs to play with, but honestly, I use a few of them: delays, whammy, synth string filter (I already have a POG2 to do this as well), reverbs.
Also saving bucks, because If I decide to take it out, I will have to get a multi reverb pedal, a digital multi-delay pedal, a used whammy and lots of patch cables. If I sell the M13, all that money and maybe more will be destinated to fullfill these Fxs needs.

The advantage of taking out the M13 is space and weight on my pedalboard....

Thanks in advance

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