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New update features confusion
by pauliusmm on 2013-01-10 11:06:31.2670

So i just got my DT25 today - love it so far. Did the update and now trying to edit it via unofficial editor and here my confusion starts.

Either editor plays tricks on me or i don't understand how it should work.

Should i be able to save different EQ settings for each voicing? because now i can't, i only can change preamp types but the eq stays the same for all voicings.

Also poweramp settings are the same for all voicings ir i change something in one voicing it changes  in all voicings

Re: New update features confusion
by pauliusmm on 2013-01-10 13:19:35.5530

Ok poweramp settings does save - probably my error here.

So spent more time with it and it seems Eq and volumes doesn't save.  That is a bummer for me, mainly because i cannot match volumes of the amps - they are very uneven. I understand that different amps have different gain levels, but with the brain of this amp it should be easily possible to make things more useable.

So basically you still have only 2 amps at a time that will work nicely, because if you swith to the other 'preset' - levels will not match.

Re: New update features confusion
by rollo69 on 2013-01-11 05:00:37.1810

You are right, not all settings are saved per 'preset'. The values behind the rotary knobs will always be set to the real rotary positions when you change to a different 'preset', regardless of the settings in the editor. The values in the editor are just there to see the current settings without having to look at the amp, to remote control the amp from the control room or something like that.

This might look a bit limiting at first but this strict two channel separation is the whole concept of the amp when used in stand alone mode.  There are no complicated choices to make and you'll always see what you get - just like with every other amp. And other amps with massive switching options have the same problems with unpleasant eq settings and volume matching (thinking of Mesa Mark V, Roadking etc). But once you've set your dials you're done.

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