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The use of a Direct Box 2
by rychester63 on 2013-01-10 20:21:14.9460

To follow up on my previous question, could you run 1/4 inch TRS to XLR then into snake? I have a 15 foot 1/4 inch TRS cable with XLR on the other end and not use a direct box? (coming out of left out on HD Desktop)  I have 2 of these cables for my XT that I came out of the XT, TRS 1/4 inch then into a stereo power amp XLR then power amp out into a 4x12 cab in stereo.

Re: The use of a Direct Box 2
by GTLazer on 2013-01-11 01:18:18.2220

A TRS-XLR is a 3-core lead for balanced signal so, assuming the Pod Desktop has balanced outputs (contrary to its manual), then yes, you can avoid the DI.

However, a DI box also converts Hi-z to Lo-z signal, so you might also want to play with the output options on settings page 3 on the Pod. Studio/Direct will provide a Lo-z signal, but as with everything else on the Pods, it's worth tinkering to how the different settings sound.

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