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Variax 600: D string was getting quiet and producing noise.
by clay-man on 2013-01-11 11:06:21.1850

I got a Variax from ebay a few days ago. It seemed to be in perfect condition and I'm very satisfied. When fixing intonation I realized the D string started to cut out/get quiet and produce noise. I jiggled it a little and it seemed to subside.

Today it came back really bad, and I had to keep lightly tapping the saddle to get it to stop messing up. It still was persistant and I was afraid to even palm mute.

I noticed the wire under the saddle that connects to the piezo, and I pushed it back a bit with a screwdriver and I've been patting the saddle and all to see if it will mess up, and so far it seems all good now, not to jynx it.

I was wondering if this problem persists, what should I do? I heard you can buy a new piezo, and I really appreciate Line 6 for doing some support and repair options to old models while the JTV is out.

I heard that cleaning the piezo with contact solution helps, but after moving the piezo's wire, I doubt that's the problem and solution to the situation.

So should I buy a piezo element to keep at hand if it dies out? It really scared the heck out of me.


Re: Variax 600: D string was getting quiet and producing noise.
by clay-man on 2013-01-12 20:20:46.7500

It started doing it again.. If I use the tremelo it really likes to start cutting out a lot, and I need to tap a bit to bring it back to normal.

So far I got it to the point where it doesn't cut out at all when I dive bomb the tremelo, FOR NOW, but it's REALLY bothering me and scaring me.

Can someone PLEASE tell me if the LR baggs piezo elements are still purchaseable from Line 6? I found a service center near my city, but I'm wondering how much it will cost for them to repair it, and I can't solder.

For now, I'm going to try that contact cleaner thing if it keeps happening.

PLEASE help with information I asked though, someone.

-Can I still buy piezo elements from Line 6?

-How does the piezo ground itself, by contacting the bridge?

-How much should it cost to be repaired by their service center?

Thank you, please help.

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