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Line6 UX2 and Mountain Lion Issue...still
by stuz0r on 2013-01-11 19:38:05.7640

Why is this even still an issue?! Does anyone else find it absurd that it has been 4 months since this catastrophic driver issue between Line6 and OS X Mountain Lion? You would think they would come up with a solution. This is really starting to get frustrating. Sometimes I can't even record because my UX2 KILLS my USB ports, which then, I have to restart my computer to fix the issue. Today this has happened at least 20 times... For the love of God PLEASE come up with a fix. I love my Line6 stuff when it works. I'd really like to continue to use it. Also, for those of us with the new Macbook Pro Retina, if they tell you to downgrade to Snow Leopard, that's not an option as the new mac does not support the old OS at all. It will not install. That's not an option... I'm sitting here tonight wanting to record, but alas... I cannot.

Re: Line6 UX2 and Mountain Lion Issue...still
by paulkelly2 on 2013-01-31 19:58:25.2560

I just recently purchased a UX2 and am having trouble with my MacPro (also a very recent purchase) reading it through podfarm.
Gearbox seems to work fine but alas no PodFarm for the time being

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