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Lincoln Brewster tone
by jfurcinitti on 2013-01-12 14:09:49.3870

Hey, so I have a Line 6 POD HD 300 and I was wondering if anyone had found a preset or how to make a preset that sounds like Lincoln Brewster. I know he uses a X3 Live, but I was wondering if there was a certain preset that was the same or similar to his sound. Anyone know?

Re: Lincoln Brewster tone
by hurghanico on 2013-01-12 14:29:05.2570

if you go on Customtone

and type: lincoln brewster

then select a product to narrow the list of tones, you'll find several patches, specially for the HD500, but you can copy them to your HD300 Edit program if you install also the HD500 Edit application..

Re: Lincoln Brewster tone
by jfurcinitti on 2013-01-12 14:54:58.7300

Thank you! This was very helpful

Re: Lincoln Brewster tone
by joemama78 on 2013-02-13 10:25:37.4210

You can get them from the man himself.  I don't know if these work with the 300, but he has all of his patches posted here:

Re: Lincoln Brewster tone
by scottyo78 on 2013-02-13 12:30:35.9740

OMG... that is so cool!!

Thank you ... Thank you ...Thank you

I will for sure check these out. I love his playing and sound... he's a player's player.

The first time I saw him he opened for "Third Day" in '99 and I was wowed.

Although, when we do one of his songs, I can usually count on 'extra' time being needed just to 'approximate' his solos/riffs.

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