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Cut out on one patch but not other(s)
by tdownerd on 2013-01-12 19:49:12.7270

I will preface this with the fact that I need to do some more troubleshooting but wanted to see if anyone has had this happen.

Last night at rehearsal I was using same preset most of the night on my PODHD500 into my DT25 via iLink.  Towards the end (approx. 2 hrs in)...I switched to another preset and noticed some intermittent volume cut outs.  Went back to other cut outs..repeated and just the one preset would cut out - which it's never done before.

One item of note:  First preset was on Topology 3...Preset that cut out was #4.

thoughts and input welcome



Re: Cut out on one patch but not other(s)
by Krontab on 2013-01-13 05:24:46.4360

I've had wierd things happen when I'm patch switching in HDedit. I just have to reboot the POD to fix the issue. I have not had your specific issue. In the topology switch did class or mode change? Typically voicing 3 is run Class A and 4 is run Class A/B. Class A is not effected by tube bias where Class A/B is. Maybe the tubes are going or the bias needs to be reset.

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