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Couple of noob questions
by JimKidd on 2013-01-13 09:36:32.2660

I have a DT50/POD HD500 setup connected via L6 Link. I love it.

1) What's the difference between using a pre amp model and an amp model? What exactly happens if i use a full amp model?

2) If I put effects after the amp/pre amp on the POD is it the same as having the effects in the FX loop on the DT50?

BTW. This setup is CRAZY loud. I have an Rivera Rock Crusher attenuater and still can't turn this thing up past 4 with out the wife... well let's just say she doesn't care for it. I can't wait until she goes to visit her parents for a few weeks this summer.


Re: Couple of noob questions
by Krontab on 2013-01-14 00:40:57.3970

1) A pre amp model lacks the power amp model where as the full model simulates both. The full model is not desireable when used in conjunction with a real power amp such as the DT amp series. The full model is good when you are feeding a flat response amplification system such as a PA, PC, or Headphones. In your case as long as you are not in LVM use the pre amp model for best results.

2) Can be the case, the two loops are really separate. The FX loop on the HD 500 can be placed in front of other effects after the amp model, but the FX loop on the DT50 is always post all HD 500 effects. For example:

Input -> FX Block -> AmpSim -> FX Block -> HD500FXLoop -> FX Block -> DT50 FX Loop -> DT50 Power Amp

Hope this helps. I got no fix for the last issue. I brought home a DT50 initially. strumed once, and whent back to the store and purchased a DT25 because the DT50 was way to loud for my studio. I still use a Weber Mini-Mass to tame my DT25 to practice while others are asleep.

Re: Couple of noob questions
by JimKidd on 2013-01-14 09:13:09.1350

It's not a problem really. I just can't wait until I can open it up. I live in the country so I don't have to worry about the neighbors. I just have to wait for her to be gone and I can enjoy the head thru a half stack.


Re: Couple of noob questions
by nitrous12 on 2013-01-16 08:21:33.8970

In regards to question 1, Krontabs first sentence is accurate.  I would caution though that while the full model is pretty much essential to using the HD500 through a PA, PC or headphones...don't rule out using full amp models into the DT50.  You may find the additional parameters can get you where you want while the pre alone doesn't do it.  So use what sounds best and experiment.  I have found good sounds with the HD/DT via L6 Link using both.

Re: Couple of noob questions
by JimKidd on 2013-01-16 12:12:29.6880


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