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Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by Level10 on 2013-01-13 16:17:24.1030

I have already contacted a lawyer and im am ready to proceed. I bought a line  6 spider Iv and within just a few months it started shutting off by iitself. I tryed everything from calling guitar center where I baught it, to updating the firmware myself with no result. I was told by guitar center that I couldnt get it repaird because I didnt buy their little warrenty and the guy who sold it to me said he would look into it. I waited forever for him to get back to me and finally gave up. I later contacted Line 6 who also told me that they would not fix it and that I would have to drive like 100 miles to the nearest service person and have to get it fixed myself. I don't know about you guys but when I buy something I expect it to work longer than a few months and if not I Expect it to be fixed. I have researched the problem and its in the DSP it a common known issue and someone needs to address this and fix it. Stop ripping people off Line 6 and stop selling broken shit or atleast fix it when it breaks.

Re: Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by silverhead on 2013-01-13 17:16:40.2140

Isn't it still under Line 6 warranty (assuming you bought it new only been a few months ago)?

Re: Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by Level10 on 2013-01-13 22:41:30.4390

no this was over a year ago. the guy who sold it to me dicked me around so long that my factory warrenty ran out, amp died after 3-4 mo i went a few more months before i contacted GC,,,waited forever for a response and by the time i contacted line 6 it was past my year warrenty. regarless the amp should not have started acting up after only 3-4 months. this issue with the DSP is known and they should recall the amp and fix it instead of acting like they dont know there is a problem. Yeah I probably should have contacted line 6 first but at the time I had a lot going on and an amp was the last of my problems. Its not like im asking for a new amp or for anything free I just want what i paid good money for to work properly and if its a problem they know about or a problem that was present right out of the factory then they should stand behind their product. but i guess thats what you get when you buy crap thats imported for another country. I wont be buying anything from them again and I make it a point to tell everyone else not to either.

Re: Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by silverhead on 2013-01-14 06:31:23.6560

I personally sympathize with you. But it sounds to me like your beef is with GC rather than Line 6.  I don't believe there is anything class-actionable here. And any legal action you choose to take should be directed at GC - although frankly speaking you allowed the warranty to expire because it wasn't a high priority for you at the time. Yes - you should have contacted Line 6 during the warranty period. Not judging, just saying......

Line 6 actually has a history of acknowledging true manufacturing defects and extending a lifetime warranty to those things. Examples in my personal experience with Line 6 are: X3 footswitches, X3L audio dropout, and the JTV-59 pickup selector switch. In all cases Line 6 will repair any of those issues on any device, regardless of warranty/owner. I think you will have a better chance of satisfaction by working directly with Line 6 on a trouble ticket basis (see Contact Us button at the foot of this page, then Contact Technical Support). If indeed you have sufficient evidence that this is a known and common manufacturing defect then you may be able to persuade them to help you out. But don't begin by threatening a class action lawsuit - I don't think you'll get very far that way.

However, if you wish I'm sure you'll find a lawyer willing to take your money, and then another one willing to take more of your money to sue the first one for poor advice/representation.

Re: Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by Level10 on 2013-01-20 11:22:35.1750

Look all im saying is this is not the only amp with a DSP problem and Its BS that I should have to spend out any more of my money to fix it when it only worked for a few months. This is not the first step I have taken... I called Guitar Center first, then Line6, then put in a ticket. Why line 6 won't stand behind their product is beyond me. Yes my warrenty ran out but I was going through family health issuse, forclosure and all kinds of other non-related things and frankly didnt have the time nor the patience to fight with someone about a broken guitar amp. I called like month13 of a 1 year warrenty and was told pretty much "sorry your screwed" which is why I am starting this post. No I dont want to start a lawsuit but if it had enough interest and enough people who are having the same issue then maybe it would be enough to have a case, maybe not. All I am saying is that if they know there is a problem with not enough power being supplied to the Digital Sound Processor then thats bad design on their part and they should have to fix it. I went though this same crap with a samsung tv. 1st time it broke they warrentied it.. The tv had cheep resistors on the main power board. 2nd time it happened they told me it was no longer in warrenty(was like only 12 mo later till it had same issue) cost me $800. 3rd time it did it I looked up the issue online found out the issue with the resistors, ordered (I kid you not) $4 worth of higher rated resistors, de-soldered the old ones, re-soldered the higher rated ones and the Tv has worked flawlessly for 4 years now. I would be willing to bet this is the same type of simple fix with this amp and It shouldnt take this much effort on the "End Users" side to get something done about it...Just fix the d*mn thing and and stop being such tight wads. 

Re: Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-26 15:38:07.6970

Level10 wrote:

.Just fix the d*mn thing and and stop being such tight wads.

funny... because that's exactly what i think YOU should do...

warranty is pretty well spelled out in black and white, and if you didn't take advantage of it while it was in effect, or had problems after it lapsed... well that's you...

quit being such a tight wad, and get it fixed.

Re: Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by spaceatl on 2013-01-26 16:33:20.7200

maybe you should get another lawyer...perhaps a stupid one that doesn't know how to read...if you really had the original bill of sale and dicked around and did not call Line 6 directly yourself, there is no one else to blame here but yourself...Sounds like you bought it second hand from GC...seems you got it as is anyway...pretty clear...this has been on the website for years bro...

Q: Are Line 6 warranties transferable?

A: Line 6 warranties transfer from one end user to another within the original warranty period (as long as the user has the original dated proof of purchase), but not when purchased second hand from a retail outlet.

Q: Do I get a warranty if I bought a unit from Ebay?

A: If you purchase a unit on Ebay, you do so at your own risk. Line 6 honors warranties from authorized retailers only.

Q: Do I get a warranty if I bought a unit used?

A: The only way to redeem warranty on a used item is to have the original purchase receipt, dated within the product warranty period. So if you fail to get such a receipt, the manufacturers warranty will not be honored.

Re: Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by machinefish on 2013-01-27 13:23:23.9730

how bout them ravens?

Re: Who wants to start a class action lawsuit?
by spaceatl on 2013-01-27 13:34:52.8840

...gotta root for the other dirty birds now I guess...

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