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Acoustic sounds on the Variax JTV 69
by FretTime on 2013-01-14 09:58:29.9640

Hey guys, did you watch this video on Youtube ?

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Re: Acoustic sounds on the Variax JTV 69
by TomR00 on 2013-01-14 17:08:34.7320


I saw your YouTube videos right after you posted them on YouTube some time ago. It showed me what that guitar was capable of, your tone and playing are amazing. Wish I could get that good of a tone.


Re: Acoustic sounds on the Variax JTV 69
by dchernov551 on 2013-01-16 04:16:53.3440

Dear Dominic,

Your videos, playing and tone are truly amazing! I am enjoying your videos very much and I could listen to your playing again and again just to remind me of what a perfect tone should sound like. I remember that the first time I came across your Youtube videos, I was amazed with the clarity of your tones. It made me see this guitar in a different light. I want to thank you for your review and I want to thank everyone for putting up videos on Youtube that helps us to get the feeling and sounds of this guitar. There are some of us who are forced to buy gear without actually trying it first in the shop due to various reasons, so these videos act as a saving grace and they give confidence and help make the right decision.

Indeed, you are really showing what this guitar is capable of and I can't help myself, but repeat once again that the clarity and crystal clear quality of your tone is leaving me speechless. Another thing that I wanted to note is that you are actually playing beautiful music to show each model and I believe that it is one of the reasons why guitar is sounding so true and authentic to the original models. May I ask what gear were you using to record the sound?

Thank you once again! You are amazing! Merci beaucoup, mon ami!


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