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Tones for Rocksmith?
by guitars69 on 2013-01-14 13:37:14.5550

I just got UbiSoft's Rocksmith for the PS3 and am finding the latency pretty hard to play with.  So I was thinking of using my Pod HD 500 to play the guitar along with the PS3 to avoid the problem.  The thing is, the songs all have particular tones built into them.  I was just wondering if anyone has considered making a set of tones for this purpose?

The initial tracklist is here:">">

Though they have a lot of DLC now too.

Re: Tones for Rocksmith?
by killergege on 2013-01-15 02:37:04.6360

I'm serioulsy thinking about doing that, as I can't stand this latency, and it makes me sound reaaally bad...

Not sure I'll have the motivation though (I prefer to play than to tweak ^^), so I'm also interested.

But I was more thinking on a "multipurpose patch" (because there might be a lot of songs !), with a set of effects that would work for almost any song, enabling the effects I need for the song (a nice clean when nothing enabled, 2-3 dist effects : crunch / overdrive / heavy dist, chorus, autowah, reverb... I might have to split that into several patches if the DSP is not enough).

The hard part is to know what effects are necessary for what song...

Re: Tones for Rocksmith?
by michaedr on 2013-01-15 09:20:37.3960

I have Rocksmith and don't have any issues with the latency, but I've been to other people's houses and played the game and notice the latency.  I don't have any comments for the tones.  To fix the latency you can run your sound through a stereo or surround sound system and not use your tv.  This works well for me and is what developer suggests.

Re: Tones for Rocksmith?
by killergege on 2013-01-15 09:47:34.2660

About the latency, I did everything I could (on a PC, and a pretty good one !), it got better but it's still not perfect. It depends a lot of the song, sometimes it works, sometimes it's aweful...

I don't know what you can do on a PS3 (except not using the HDMI as the sound output, as it is known to have some latency).

But, that's why I didn't created the patch yet, most of the time it's... okay. So it isn't worth the time (I don't enjoy creating a patch ^^).

Re: Tones for Rocksmith?
by guitars69 on 2013-01-15 10:42:58.3580

For the PS3, you set up the tv with hdmi or component.  Then use the RCA audio (analog) outputs on the PS3 into an analog stereo system.  That way you bypass the digital conversion with the HDMI or ADAT outputs.  This is a bit of a pain in the ass for me, but it did make the game at least playable.

I tried it on my PC last night with the Steam demo and it was terrible.  I didn't realize it required me to use the USB cable still, which sucks.  I was hoping to just use my low latency inputs on the POD or UX8 alone.  When I have time again tomorrow I'm going to install ASIO4ALL and use that with the USB cable to see how it works.  It's kind of ridiculous that Ubisoft didn't supply ASIO drivers for the cable.  The alternative I've seen is to use a Y cable to send the guitar to the game via the USB cable, but set the guitar's game volume to 0.  Then use PodFarm or whatever for your guitar sound on the 2nd input.  Assuming this all works, I'll probably send my PS3 version back and use the PC version.  Then I can use my laptop and make it portable.

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