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Stagesource rig questions...
by jarrettbailey79 on 2013-01-14 18:06:54.3730

Hey everyone! I am new here, my name is Jarrett Bailey.

I am really excited about the Stagesource system but I wanted to pose a question and hopefully get some good feedback here:

I play in a 10 piece horn band. We play weddings (from small to fairly large), parties (same), festivals, etc. I am tryingto get a fairly well equipped system that can be loud (with good quality) for a crowd of about 1,000 folks. All I can afford in the Stagesource line right now id 2 L3Ts and 2 L3Ss. Could I get some feedback from you about if this system will accomodate? Any info would help.



Re: Stagesource rig questions...
by dboomer on 2013-01-15 09:55:52.6520

It's always difficult to say how many people the system can play to.  It depends on your expectations, how loud you play and the physics of the venue.  I I could say that it certainly could keep up with any pother speaker system in the same price range.  There also is an extra advantage when used with the M20d mixer in that there are "loud" presets for the mains outs that allow the system to perform "louder" than what could normally be expected using other mixers.  These presets can greatly increase the "loudness" within the max SPL available.  Great for users that can't quite afford more gear.

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