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Can I connect the POD Studio GX in my guitar amp?
by porpatrick on 2013-01-15 11:28:51.4700

Hello guys. I'm in doubt. I have a Pod Studio GX and a VOX AC4TV guitar valve amplifier. A couple of months I asked at Line 6 support if Can I connect the output from pod studio gx into my input amplifier, only to make effects and distortions. I connected but the I noticed that the sound quality of amp worsens. So I started to try figure out if I can improve the sound. I discovered that my pod studio gx is working on a 44000 Hz and 16bit, I select 48000 Hz and 24 bit but when I'm playing I heard some "crack" sound. I stopped to use and here is my question. Connect POD Studio GX output into guitar amplifier input can dammage my amplifier???

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