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Update on DT50 1x12 Issues
by nitrous12 on 2013-01-15 12:39:47.8880


I don't post much here.  Actually took some time away from playing for a while.  Bought my HD500 and DT50 back in June and posted about some issues I was having.  Tried to update a while back, but the board wasn't working right.

Anyway, I had 2 issues going on.  First, I had a pretty constant zipper in a vaccuum type noise going on.  Same volume and happened at any Topology, gain and volume.

Second, I had an issue where I was hearing a rattle when I hit lower notes.  I knew it was a tube rattle coming through the speaker as I could hold the preamp tubes and make it stop.

I did take it to a tech and all they did was replace a 12AX7 which I had already done at home.  The rattle was reduced, but it is not 100% gone.  The other noise showed up 15 minutes after having the amp on upon its return, but it has actually since stopped.

Now I have new issues.  Some times when I fire it up this absolutely horrible screaching noise comes out of the amp.  Loud as balls and the only way to stop it is to through the Stby back on.  Shut down the amp and try again.  Sometimes it will repeat a few times, others it will be fine after one turn off and back on.  Completely unpredictable but can make you want to jump out of your shorts.  I always hang on for dear life hoping it won't do it.

Also, today I had a chance to turn it up a bit for a few.  I was on a patch where the HD500 had two amp pre models a compressor, tube screamer and distortion.  When I would dig into some double notes it was spitting out a nasty crackling distortion sound.  I switched to a patch that had no HD pre and had the DT on Top 1, Class A, Pentode.  Drive was around 2:00.  Same thing...was causing it to distort out in a very nasty unnatural way.  I turned the drive back a bit and it seemed to stop...put it back to where it was and it was ok.

These inconsistent unpredictable nasty sounds are killing this amp for me.  On top of it...I am not really finding too many great tones.  To be fair, I have not tinkered a ton with it.  I did have a few high gain patches that sounded good with a humbucker guitar.  I got a patch from a dude that had great tone on a youtube vid using HD500+DT25 only to have it sound pretty thin and fizzy and lifeless for me.

The thought of taking it in to a service center for issues I have no idea if they can reproduce doesn't sound fun to me.  And I am sure Line6 is just going to say take it in.  Just not sure what to do.

I bought it online from a place that is an hour and a half away.  I am within the 1 year warranty, but I don't think I could even return it to the store any more.  I do want this thing to work.  The few good patches I managed to build do sound cool and would make it serve its purpose for a portable and flexible rig, but I am losing faith.

Re: Update on DT50 1x12 Issues
by nitrous12 on 2013-01-16 08:23:40.3820

Well I had a much better evening with the HD500/DT last night.  I found the Joost Vorgensen patches and most of them sound pretty damn good.  Should give me a better starting point to do some new things.

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