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Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by dug13 on 2013-01-15 15:49:29.9050

Hello, obviously i am new to this forum. I was thinking of buying this amp (SV Mark 2 212). I currently am using a Fender Mustang 3. I am looking for a more tube like sound and performance while still having amp modeling capabilities. Browsing through this forum it seems this amp has some problems? On the surface I think this amp would fit the bill. What im looking for is recomendations from guys who use the amp. Would you recomend it?Not? Any recomendations, opinions and info is welcome. Please let me know what you think.



Re: Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by geppert on 2013-01-16 11:42:48.5770

The SV212 is a killer amp but heavy due to being a 2 x 12. Remember, to access the internet via USB you will NEED a foot pedal, either the FBV Express MK II or the FVB Shortboard MKII. IMHO you NEED to be able to access the internet with the amp to update firmware, use the software editor, and play with user created tones (patches). If you are buying used, and it comes with a pedal, that is the way to go. If it doesn't have a pedal, then you have room to "negotiate" because you will need to buy one if you catch my drift?



Having come up through the Spider amps including both the MK IV (all Digital) and SValve (Digital front end Tube Back End) I have now ended up with an POD HD500 and a DT25 Head & Cab. Really like that combination (the DT's are killer amps) but of course a more expensive route to go. I still have the SV 212 MK II but it isn't used much. It is kind of a backup amp now and I also use it as a 2 x 12 cab for the DT for gigs. Still, I like this amp. TONS (and I mean it) of volume. I am reluctant to let it go.

IF you have a few efx pedals you like, you can get into a DT25 combo or Head/Cab for a similar price range as a new SV212. The DT's do not have efx onboard only Rev, but they come with 4 (or 8 if you know how to access them) preamp models.

Lastly, although the SV amps come with DSP onboard, it is limited in it's flexibility by virtue of the fact that there are 3 efx banks and you can't use 2 efx from the same bank simultaneously. This frustrated me in the end and was one of the reasons I migrated over to the POD HD500 which has a much more open architecture for DSP management. This may or may not be an issue for you?

All this being said above ... I feel (and this is just my personal opinion) that the Spider Line may have reached the end of it's evolution as L6 seems to be concentrating more on the DT amps and the POD's ? IF you are considering buying new, check out both the DT amps and the POD's just to satisfy your curiosity.

Good luck with your choices.

Re: Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by dug13 on 2013-01-16 12:33:16.5150

Thanks for your info, the dt's r a little out of my price range. What bugs me is the manuals say you can use edit and update firmware using MIDI to usb interface cord. I don't want to hqave to buy a foot pedel to use the edit software. The edit software is. Why I want a modeling amp. Can anyone confirm using midi to usb to edit and update? I really dont want to spend money on a foot board.



Re: Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by dug13 on 2013-01-17 10:00:46.4160

can anyone confirm using a midi usb inerface to edit and update???? Someone said it has to firmware v 1.5 or higher to use midi, any confirmations?



Re: Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by esibanjack on 2013-01-17 10:32:30.5600

I have the shortboard, so I can't tell you how to update and/or edit via MIDI, but I know it can be done (although I'm not sure about the MIDI to USB part; you may need a MIDI interface). This board has been pretty dead since Line6 turned their attention away from the SpiderValve amps, so you may not get a direct response from someone to explain how it's done. You also might not have any luck looking through the Line6 manuals, as they really want you to spend the extra $$$ to get one of the foot controllers. But if you're willing to spend some time going through the old posts on this board you will probably find the answers you're looking for.

Re: Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by jeffknaus on 2013-02-17 19:02:52.4870

Just a shot... (since I do own the shorboard and I've never done an upgrade or edits via the Amp's Midi ports)...

You can probably hook a midi cable up to your computer via an inexpensive MDI to USB interface cable.  You will need to have both midi IN and OUT 'sockets' on this interface to use the editing features, I would expect.  Windows will have it setup as a new Midi IN and OUT device.  You can also use a recording mic-pre input device that provides midi in and out.  These should also appear on the device list when you do your upgrade (via the Line 6 Monkey app) or perform edits (via the SPV mkII Edit app that you downloaded from Line 6).

Re: Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by mtnman82 on 2013-02-18 14:19:54.8580


I have a couple of them and use them regularly to gig with.  I have both the Mark I & Mark II.  The Mark I does sound better overall, but the Mark II is more tweakable.  As much as I've complained about them on the forum, they are still the amps I use the most these days and I have some nice amps to choose from (Boogie's, Fenders, etc.).  Between the two if you're more into effects, the Mark II is probably more for you, if you're less into effects the Mark I will probably fit the bill. I'm guessing the MkII would be more in line coming from the Mustang 3.  The 60 watts from the tubes in the Line 6 is probably at least as loud if not louder than the 100 watts solid state from the Fender.  You will also like having the Presence control and the channel volume in addition to the master volume.  I have 1x12's and a 1x12 extension cab to go with if I need/want it.

What are you going to use it for?  Do you play mainly by yourself, or are you in a band or looking to play with a band?  If you're going to use it to gig out, you'll definitely want the shortboard foot controller so the midi thing may be a no brainer.  Like any piece of gear, it has it's little bugs, but most you can get by.  The main reason I switched from my Boogie was because I started to need effects more often and didn't want to carry around or deal with a pedal board.  The Spider Valves are very versatile amps with a wide range of sounds available out of one box.

Hope this helps some...

Re: Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by jeffknaus on 2013-02-20 19:20:54.0860

Plz ignore the prior post.

SInce posting I've read experiences of other SV MKII owners (an admin on this site, I believe) that say this does not work as it should.">">

Re: Hello, Thinking of making a switch to this amp.SV 212
by napynap on 2013-02-26 17:43:51.6110

I narrowed down to either DT50 or SV212 mk2. Both have great tube tones, but the SV212 mk2 is better for the gigs I'm doing. When I paired it with a FBV Express mk2, it made setup and tear down very simple for gigs needing a variety of musical effects/styles. It has had plenty of volume with more to spare. Prior to getting the the FBV, I was able to update the amp with midi in/out using only a computer with a midi interface (no floor board necessary). Don't forget, the amp comes with wheels which is necessary for it's weight. The presets knob seems a little flimsy, and I hope it won't break. I've used the amp on 2 gigs and several practices so far, playing classic, modern, spanish rock, disco, and funk. Hopefully I'll get to test it's metal settings sometime! It has been great so far, and I would recommend it for anyone playing live that needs many different kinds of tones/effects.

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