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considering Lowdown amp HD?
by Tombolino on 2013-01-16 18:14:41.9690

You guys like yours?

Re: considering Lowdown amp HD?
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-16 18:23:52.3050

I have the LD400 Pro combo, which is supposedly the same as the HD400 bass head...

I like it for a number of reasons, but I think i need an extension cab to move more air...

Re: considering Lowdown amp HD?
by kweatherhead on 2013-01-16 20:40:29.7950

Love mine, I have two.

I have a LD150 combo... use it for auditions and small practice situations. I have used it as an onstage monitor when being pumped thru a large PA (with subs doing the real lifting). I have set it on the front of the stage facing me and used the XLR out to the front of house system. Allows for traveling real light when the situation is right.

I have an HD400 in a rack case, along with power conditioning, effects and rack mounted tuner.  This is my normal play out system plus I have a number of cabinet arrangements. First, all of my cabs are 8 ohm and in the case where I want a lot of bass surface without going thru a house system I have available the following... 1x4-10s, 3x2-10's and 2x1-15.

I can use upto 3 of those six cabinets for sound and total desires. I have showed up with say 6-10s and a 1-15 (75" of surface) and kept the volume down but moved a lot of air. People tell me that I am not too loud, but I am thumping their chests to no end. Which is why I have the different cabinet combinations for this amp. A lot of flexibility, based on the venue and the type of music being performed.

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