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Bass problem could be solved HD500
by medbad5150 on 2013-01-16 19:47:03.6640

I have posted about my problem regarding the booming bass out of my EV ELX115P, further investigation has led me to finally know what the problem seems to be. But it seems to be in the frequencies that are used in

the ELX115P 15" horn are causing the problem, apparently the ELX112P does not have this problem with only the 12" speaker.

Nobody seems to use a 15" speaker apart from me, I also have an Ax FX 2 that sounds boomy, strange but the Boss GT-10 just sounds fizzy.

I don't played any Metallica heavy distortion stuff, but when palm muting on Bon Jovi type distortion, it mushes up through the speaker.

The one I'm using since I had the HD500 belongs to my mate and singer so not a problem to just hand it back, but I didn't realise that the speaker size would affect the tone that much.

I am now thinking of the L3T or ELX112P but also read one called the RCF NX which is very popular.

I hope this helps, sorry about my lack of technical spec but 15" speakers are not great for modelling effect units, unless maybe you never use overdrive or distortion.

Love this forum and loving the HD500 through headphones, just a shame I can't replicate through speakers yet!

Re: Bass problem could be solved HD500
by FrozenOzone on 2013-01-17 16:01:29.6920

Hello medbad5150,  I use a 15" Kustom powered monitor and never had this issue.  Not to say that you don't have an issue but I will say that the EV ELX115P monitor kicks my monitors butt. I looked at the back of your monitor and there is a Full range and a sub woofer switch.  There is also a normal and boost switch.  I am sure you have tried this but it probably needs to be on Full Range and normal settings.  Reason I bought a 15" monitor was because we play live and I needed to dial in my tones to match our PA.  My PA monitors have 18" drivers.  I do play a lot of metal.  Good luck.

Re: Bass problem could be solved HD500
by medbad5150 on 2013-01-18 11:53:13.5820

Cheers fella yeah I got it on Full Range and no sub used. I am just heavy editing and it sounds okay. Other thing I'm paranoid about is maybe my Dimarzio DP is causing this, but I don't think so. Many thanks for your reply, and cos you play metal, it probably kills the skinny tones I use for the Bon Jovi or Van Halen anyway. You have given me more hope.

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