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FLEXTONE II sound problems/overheating
by Dawylde on 2013-01-17 01:00:38.3800

Hello Line 6 community!!

I have a FLEXTONE II Combo 2x12, 100 watts since 2003.

I've been having 3 problems with this amp, and haven´t been able to fix it since I live in a country where hardly i can find any line 6 products.

1. Usually after playin for 30min or more at high volumes, maybe between level 2 and 3 and above to be more especific, my amp starts to shut off one of the speakers, it goes and comes as im playing. This is very annoying.

2. having the same problem i mentioned, i have noticed it gets really hot inside where the circuitry is. Dont know if this is normal.

3. after having all these problems and maybe 45min of playing at same levels, when I stop playing I can notice a weird sound coming out from the speakers, I cannot describe the noise but its kinda like when you are switching channels through a radio a reeeally slow speed and as if the sound goes in the speaker, and i can also hear some static sounds.

This is my main amp and i connect it to a 4x12 line 6 cabinet and im always having this problem, I have noticed that if i switch the amp off for maybe 10 minutes it fixes the problem for a while but then comes back.

I have been told that I might need to clean up the circuitry, since i have never done it. But first i would like your advice and what I should use to fix it.

Please help me, I love this amp, and really dont want to get rid of it. I will be trying to fix it with a friend of mine who is into circuitry but first i need of your advice!!


Re: FLEXTONE II sound problems/overheating
by asg-pro on 2013-03-22 06:04:51.4910

Hi Dawylde,

did you see this?">">

With a bit of research you shouldbe able to find both the complete Line6 technical bulletins PDF and also complete schematics (Service Manual) for the Flextone II. I'm trying to fix my power amp at the moment as well. I don't get any sound to the speaker but the direct outs work fine so it's something similar. I have a Flextone HD II head.

Hope it helps,


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