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DT-25HD, Why is the reverb before the fx-loop?
by spacepluk on 2013-01-18 02:18:26.0650

Hi everybody,

I've bought a DT25 head recently and overall I'm very pleased with the amp. I think it sounds *really good* and I'm coming from a Marshall 1987x

The only thing that really bugs me about the amp is the reverb position in the chain, just before the fxloop.  I can't think of any situation where this could be desirable or useful, and it's causing me a lot of headaches in my setup. For example:

  • Delays in the loop also repeat the amp's reverb (not what I want, but not so bad...)
  • Noise-gates in the loop, kill the reverb tail (this just sounds like shit)
  • Modulation, etc. get the idea...

Any solution? I mean, besides using an external reverb? I'd really like to use the amp's reverb without the above problems.


Re: DT-25HD, Why is the reverb before the fx-loop?
by MartinDorr on 2013-01-18 08:04:08.3500

While this is obviously not ideal, I think Line 6 just went with the 'minimize the number of D/A A/D conversions' approach to keep the DT design simpler and cheaper. You need to realize that the DT has a digital (modelled) preamp stage and a traditional, though configurable, poweramp stage. If you come in through the normal guitar input your signal gets converted to the digital domain, run through the preamp model (an optional Cab model) and then through the reverb model. Thereafter the digital signal gets converted to the analog world, optionally run through the effects loop (if you plug something in) and then through the poweramp to your speaker out.

If the reverb would be placed after the effects loop, the DT would need an additional DA and AD converter pair (and probably more complex SW) to deal with going temporarily into the analog domain for the effects loop (if used). What Line 6 designers did makes sense, but it is obviously not a great solution if you only have the DT. I'd guess Line 6 would want their users to be steered towards an HD500 solution where the extra DA and AD converters exist for the effects loop on the HD and the loop on the DT would not be used.

Clearly, this information does not help you out. But maybe the reason why it is like this helps you get over it or find the best way to work around it.


Re: DT-25HD, Why is the reverb before the fx-loop?
by spacepluk on 2013-01-20 08:45:10.2330

Thanks for pointing this out, it actually helps me knowing that at least there's a good reason behind. And I guess one more stomp won't hurt

Re: DT-25HD, Why is the reverb before the fx-loop?
by STPLE on 2013-01-24 20:45:08.9190

I have had the PODHD500 for a while and just recently added the DT25 (head and cab).  I almost always if not always put the reverb at the end of the effects chain when working with the PODHD500 only.  This is a total beginner's question - If I use the Reverb on the DT25 it will now come at that beginning of the effects chain??  In my short time with the DT25 I've noticed a few strange things with its reverb - I wonder if this it.  I've started using Noise Gate as well (didn't need it before without the amp - went straight to PA).

If I want the reverb last - would I be better off turning off the DT25 reverb and putting a reverb at the end of the effects chain like before??  Am I understanding this correctly??  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Re: DT-25HD, Why is the reverb before the fx-loop?
by Krontab on 2013-01-24 23:13:00.5960

Depends on how you wire in the DT amp to the HD500. In 4 cable method the reverb would be just post where you put the fx loop block like:

Guitar -> HD500 in -> FXblocks -> FX Loop Block -> DT AMP Model and Reverb -> DT Send -> FXblocks -> DT FX Return -> Power Amp

With the L6 Link it would be post all of the HD500 stuff but pre the DT amp's fx loop like:

Guitar -> HD500 in -> FX Blocks and/or AMP Model -> FX Loop Block -> External FX -> HD500 return -> More FX Blocks and/or AMP Model -> L6 Link to DT -> (DT AMP Model if none used on HD500) -> DT Reverb -> AMP FX loop -> More External FX -> DT FX Return -> Power Amp

In both the HD500 and DT amp the reverb models are digital so unless you are trying to conserve on fx blocks being used and want one reverb for all of your patches just forsake the DT's Reverb and FX Loop when using the POD.

Re: DT-25HD, Why is the reverb before the fx-loop?
by STPLE on 2013-01-25 20:12:39.1060

Thanks.  It does make more sense now.  I really appreciate your explanation.

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