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New Clip M13
by wood on 2013-01-18 04:13:39.4450


Check the clip of my band. I've used the Line6 HD500 for the guitar sounds and the effects from the M13. I always use the M13 live zo I've got all The Effect dialed in.

I realy love the sounds of the HD500 and the M13. I use the TS and the Tube Drive. As effects I used the Pitch Vibe, the Flanger and the delays.

I used the AC30 model and the Bogner. I mostly use the Spring Reverb and a digital delat (low mix and feedback setting)  for the basic setting.

If a amp model sounds to dark I use the 57 on Axis mic.

Re: New Clip M13
by vwelch on 2013-02-20 01:54:58.4140

Very nice!  Clean tones and song has a nice hook.  Bravo!!!

Re: New Clip M13
by echoraven on 2013-03-06 12:00:39.2190

Why both? It's my understanding (I could be wrong) that the HD500 has all of the M13 effects and can have up to 8 as opposed to the M13s 4?

Re: New Clip M13
by kevanprince on 2013-03-19 22:52:14.5030

The combo is actually quite nice. The HD500 controls the M13 so everything switches together. The important part though, is that you can put effects that have a high DSP cost on the M13 instead of the HD500, so you never have to hit the annoying DSP limitation.

And wood....nice!!

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