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M9 expression pedal issues
by danieldanza on 2013-01-18 13:56:54.4060

So I recently purchased an Ex-1 for use with my M9.  I had previously used an Ernie Ball volume pedal jr which worked for about 20 minutes.  The EX-1 does not work regardless of input/cables used or how it is set in "setup.". Since this has now happened with two pedals I'm beginning to think its an issue with the M9 it's self...

Now, I know there is a past discussion on this forum on a very similar topic but I remain somewhat skeptical that taking the M9 in for service is my only option.  This might be wishful thinking since I don't have much money to pay for repairs.  Nevertheless I want to exhaust all other options before I bring it to a pro.  Any advice would be appreciated....  Is there a particular way to set up the expression pedal in the universal settings?  Why did the Ernie ball pedal work for a bit then fail?  And how come neither input works?  Seems peculiar.



Re: M9 expression pedal issues
by phil_m on 2013-01-18 16:17:02.0050

There's not universal settings for the expression pedals, but the way they work in whatever scene you're in depends on how you have them set up in that scene. The process of setting them up is described on Page 2.2 of the Advanced Guide. So you have to decide what effect engines are controlled by what expression pedal. I suspect that might be the reason you're Ernie Ball pedal quit working. Perhaps you went to a scene where the pedal wasn't setup to control anything.

Re: M9 expression pedal issues
by pianofiend80 on 2013-01-21 05:44:59.0540

I've had my M9 for about a week and have already run into issues when using the expression pedal, an M-Gear EX-P (made by M-Audio.) As others have mentioned in other posts, the pedal seems to quickly "forget" the heel and toe parameters I've set for certain sounds, particularly 'Pitch Glide' and any wah pedal effect. With a wah effect it might work fine for half a minute (or 5 seconds) and then the POS parameter freezes at 100%, leaving the pedal inoperable and your tone in no-mans-land. The moment when it forgets seems to come at random, not based on my foot movements on the pedal. This rig was all sitting on the shelf in a music store only 7 days ago, so I'm way less than impressed at having run into problems at this early stage. Any pearls of wisdom that I might not find by sifting through every relevant post and response on the site? The pedal is a pretty cheap and nasty one, but it seems like people are having similar issues with pedals of twice the price.

Re: M9 expression pedal issues
by phil_m on 2013-01-21 06:17:30.4350

The M-Audio pedal isn't really compatible with the Line 6 pedals. The following article is one of the better ones I've seen that explains the difference between expression pedals, and why the way Line 6 set up its expression pedal to work is different than just about everyone else.">">

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