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iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-01-18 20:58:46.5390

Hey Folks;

I'm looking at buying some EWQL stuff. It requires an iLok. At this time, my Pod Farm software is recognized by having my Pod XT plugged in. I don't use the Pod xt for anything else, so it's a PITA. And I've had some crash issues with the Pod stuff.

If I purchased an iLok for EWQL, would it also work with the Pod Farm software, enabling me to unplug the Pod xt & us it for something other than a dongle? Would I get less issues with crashing when using the iLok?

And are there different types of iLoks? Do they all function the same? (Sorry, I'm clueless to this Borg type of hardware.)

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-18 21:12:03.9670

the primary answer is no... you cant transfer a license from a line6 device to ilok... so you basically can't eliminate the pod without buying a seperate pod farm license.

the other answer... for the most parts iloks are the same... the difference is size, and the number of licenses they can hold... but your average person would be fine with the older blue ilok...

if you want to use pod farm without the pod... buy a computer license not an ilok license besides...

computer licenses can be active on 4 computers/devices and can use model packs....

an ilok license only work on one machine at a time (the one with the ilok plugged in) and is all (platinum) or standard.... no model packs.

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-01-18 22:39:58.5080

Hmm, not the answer I was looking for. I’ve been a Line 6 supporter since day one. I bought the first Pod way back, loved it and talked a few friends into buying it. It was my first venture into recording without amps. Then I bought Pod Ver. 2 and immediately purchased the first Pod xt when it was released. I also own a Line 6 acoustic.

For software, I own Pod farm 1 AND 2.5 as well as 2 of the model packs, Collector Classics & FX Junkie. Unfortunately, I’ve been having issues with Pod xt crashing in my DAW (I have a very powerful, reliable PC and this is the only hardware/software that I have issues with), so I’ve switched to using other amp sims to avoid the headaches. I was hoping that an iLok or some kind of FREE fix would start me using the Line 6 stuff again. 

But Line 6 wants more money from me for that to happen? Sorry, I won’t go down that road. I’ve had amazing customer support from IK Multimedia, XLN Audio (where I was a beta tester), Celemony ( where I won one of their contests), Cockos, Kirk Hunter…the list goes on. And when that kind of customer appreciation happens, I do spread the word. I’ve never had a good experience dealing with Line 6. Sadly, that kind of news gets around too.

This is your chance to make that better. 3…2…1…


Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-19 05:40:29.4350

nobody is going to "make things better" for you... silly... the same rules/prices etc apply to everyone, and that's the FAIR way to do business.

don't like the rules? .... bummer....

however... if you actually bought and paid for pod farm 2....

get the free upgrade to pod farm 2.5, use the line6 license manager to authorize your computer... and then you can ditch the XT

of course that doesn't apply if you had some sort of hardware come with pod farm 2.x

paid licenses however do get the hardware independence feature...

(if it comes with hardware... hardware owns the license... if you pay for you... you own the license)

so you might already have what you want anyway and without an ilok.

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-01-19 07:18:59.4970

Ha ha, well the fair way to do business, IMO, is not having to pay twice for something I already own. But, maybe I was mistaken about the Pod Farm 2.5 update. I was under the impression that it was not compatible with the model packs that I've purchased & that they'd be rendered useless. But, I'll try the update & let you know. And yes, I've actually bought and paid for pod farm 2.

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-19 07:26:20.7010

windowman wrote:

Ha ha, well the fair way to do business, IMO, is not having to pay twice for something I already own.

common misconception... the hardware actually owns the licenses that are included with purchase... you own the hardware.

the licenses are included with the hardware, because it's regarded as an extension of the hardware's capability...

the license and the hardware can't be seperated because of the expectation of the included license and that extension of capabilities....

meaning the license goes with the device when you sell it so that the new user has that benefit...

if they allowed you to seperate it, then the new owner would complain that all the advertising and research showed the capability was included... and they'd feel cheated...

basically short of giving licenses away... they had to draw the line somewhere, and I think they are reasonable.... you can of course disagree... as i often do when it'll impact my $$$....

but hopefully it makes some sense, whether you agree or not.

your other worry... if you paid the model packs are 100% compatible....

HOWEVER!!!!.... (always a catch)

there were certain model packs included with the XT, which you will lose (they belong to the XT unless you paid extra)

that would be the power pack and the fx junkie addons i believe... but that may depend on which version of the XT you have.

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-01-19 09:54:54.5320

Thanks for your help, I think I enderstand what you're saying. It seems like a really messy way to do things. I have the original Pod xt, and it looks like I do have the update to Pod Farm 2.55. So, it appears that I'm stuck with this giant red dongle taking up space in my work place. I understand that companies have to protect against theft, but it seems that the honest folks end up paying. And no matter what measures companies take, there are always work arounds to crack software.

So, the potential new user has priority over the actual user? It would make more sense to have the software & hardware as separate things, but this hole has already been dug, I guess.

Out of curiosity, how much would the licenses cost that would allow me to operate dongle free? Full price? And from what I can gather from your post, I would lose my FX Junkie.

It seems like my solution is to wean myself off of the Pod stuff & eventually sell my Pod xt. Maybe with the add ons, I can get a few bucks. Back to Amplitube & Guitar Rig.

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-19 10:03:54.1990

if you bought the pod farm 2 upgrade then it's ready for hardware free operation... you just have to upgrade to 2.5 or newer... its not tied to your device only authorized to your device... it can be authorized to up to 4 devices/computers at once....

you might try opening the license manager and authorizing your computer...

the only cost you would have would be replacing the model packs that aren't hardware free...

windowman wrote:

So, the potential new user has priority over the actual user? It would make more sense to have the software & hardware as separate things, but this hole has already been dug, I guess.

actually... the person in possession of the hardware gets to use that hardwares capabilites (via plugin) no priority either way....

just under the old system, proving you had the hardware (rights to the plugin) involve connecting it.

if you think about it... you can't use the pod without having the pod (the plugin is just a way to use the pod on your pc)... see what i'm saying? it really does make sense..... doesn't make everyone happy.... but it does make sense.

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-01-19 10:39:43.1170

I'm not sure you can see this pic, but it does look like my PC is authorized. I'm gonna unplug the Pod & see what's missing from the model packs, but the FX Junkie was something that I have used a fair bit. So, it brings me back to my point of buying it twice.

I'm not trying to argue, just pointing out what I see as a costly redundancy. The way that Amplitube is authorized works great for me, and having the ability to pick & choose using Custom Shop is an option that L6 should look at. In the meantime, they're losing customers. With the three Pods I've bought (1,2 & xt), plus the Variax acoustic, I spent thousands even before I bought any software. I like the gear, I like the sounds, I like the usability, but this authorization is not working for me. line 6 auth.png

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-19 11:31:39.3800

thats not the license manager, that's the web interface...

the license manager should look like this:

license manager.png

if any of the model packs or other licenses are italicized they are authorized by hardware and not owned by the user.

if you don't have the license manager installed download and run line6 monkey... it should be in the tools folder.">">

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-01-19 13:36:53.0500

Thanks again... I think I've got some of this figured out. I did have it setup properly and up to date. My license is the same as yours except that I only have Pod Farm 2, Collectors Classics & FX Junkie. ( I don't own a pointy headstock guitar, so I've never needed the metal pack.)  When the Pod is on, the italicized packs are Power Pack & Propellerhaed Record, the latter which I don't care about. Unfortunately, Power Pack stuff is what I use the most. So it looks like I'm back to square one. But from your pic, I see that it's showing up without the device hooked up. But when I do look into buying a model pack, I end up at this page... So back to my original question, can I use any iLok to access the rest of the software? This is unnecessarily confusing.

PF 2.5 iLok Crossgrade from PF 1 L6 License

   ( iLok License )



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  Item cannot be returned. Return policy

This is an iLok License. You must have an iLok device to use this product.



POD Farm 2 Upgrade (from POD Farm) (iLok License)

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For owners of POD Farm™ plug-in for iLok.

Upgrade to POD Farm 2 and enjoy all the amps, cabs, studio-standard effects, classic stompboxes, and colorful preamps you know and love, now with enhanced routing with flexible DSP (digital signal processing), POD Farm Elements, full MIDI support (via any MIDI controller, including Line 6 FBV Shortboard™ MkII and FBV Express™ MkII foot controllers), intuitive MIDI Learn functionality, and more.

Mac® AU/RTAS®/VST®, Windows® RTAS®/VST® compatible (compatible with Windows 7 and Snow Leopard)

Required Hardware: iLok

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-19 13:49:28.6940

you really don't want to buy that, unless there is a platinum version listed...


because the ilok versions do not support model packs in any way shape or form...

you'd only have the standard package with no upgrade possible other than going clear to platinum...

(which is what is in my picture, platinum=all model packs)

for the same 50$ you can get the power pack that will work with your existing license:">">

and then you'd be hardware independent... for just a few bucks more than the cost of the ilok itself with no licenses. (but of course you'd still need one for your other licenses that require it)

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-01-19 14:40:54.4380

Thanks again,  The Real Zap... I'll look into doing it that way. I guess this could have been narrowed down to one answer if I posted what I actually do own at the beginning of the thread. Hardware free, that would be nice. But then there's the dreaded iLok for the EWQL stuff...Decisions...

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-02-02 13:44:26.9270

Sorry for revisiting this flogged horse, but I have a couple of more questions. It seems to make sense for me to sell my Pod xt & just purchase the Power Pack. But, the link you posted takes me to Power Pack for UX1, a device I don't own.

So just to be clear, I want to be hardware free & am willing to purchase what I need to do that & still keep all of the model packs I bought, as well as getting the original Power Pack. When I turn off the Pod xt & open up the L6 License Manager, I can see that Pod farm 2, Collectors Classics & FX Junkie are still recognized as well as my PC.

So, what exactly do I need to buy in order to get me there?

Also, when I sell the Pod xt, what happens with the add on model packs that are in the actual unit? Will the new owner own them & be able to use them? Will it affect me? Can I use that as a selling point?

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-02 15:51:52.6770

it doesn't matter what device you buy the pack for... it will belong to your user account and can be used with any eligible hardware you have or hardware independent with the pod farm 2+ license.

when you sell the xt, you should deactivate the licenses on it. the buyer won't get those licenses unless you gift them to the new owner (but then you'd lose them!)

if you don't deactivate the licenses will still show up unitl they use monkey, and monkey will take them away, unless they use monkey with your username and password.

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by windowman on 2013-02-02 21:36:32.5450

OK, I purchased Power Pack & everything seems to be back to where it was, without the Pod xt being plugged in. (Happy to have the Plexi 45 back.)

To deactivate the Pod xt licenses, do I need to deactivate from the Line 6 site (Authorized devices), the license manager or the Pod xt itself? Or all of the above? Do I need to initialize the Pod xt before I sell it?

And thanksThe RealZap! You've been a great help, when I was very close to giving up on my Line 6 stuff.

Re: iLok, Pod Farm questions
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-03 09:01:27.3530

just plugin the XT, and deauthorize it with the license manager. that should be all you'd need to do.

it will free up one of your 4 authorizations, as you can have 4 devices/computers authorized at one time.

you can leave it, but then the first time someone uses monkey with any account other than yours it will go away....

if its got the latest firmware... no reason to use monkey!

so if you sell it to a friend.... just saying... you could leave it... (assuming you don't have other devices)

the proper thing to do would be to deauthorize though.

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