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Line 6 relay G50/G90 transmitters- female sockets breaking up?
by dealmaker on 2013-01-19 00:53:50.6060

We have several G50's and a G90 - in the band. They all use - what appears to be an all metal transmitter - one of the key selling features that appealed to us about them.......except they AREN'T !!

Just a few weeks ago one of the transmitters stopped holding the cable properly at the female end of the transmitter cable - when we looked inside we noticed that the PLASTIC inner sleeve of the connection had broken apart and the cable was therefore unable to "lock" onto the transmitter.

As this particular unit was still under warranty we took it back to our dealer and he sent it back to Line 6 for a repair.

It came back yesterday - I was expecting it to be simply replaced with the same inner plastic sleeve....but when I looked at it I noticed that it was a new METAL inner sleeve!! I think they have had a problem with these and have changed the spec of the transmitter so that it now has a metal female connector.......

I am now therefore wondering if I should be trying to send ALL of out other 5 transmitters back to a Line 6 service centre and ask them to sort them all out??

We have another one that looks like its starting to break (small signs of fractures in the plastic). Anyone else had any issues??? Seems like its the most stressed area of the whole connection so very bizarre that they originally used plastic???

What about if any of the units are just out of warranty - will Line 6 honour these as goodwill repairs/improvements ?? We don't want the product getting a bad name because of a poor decision on the spec of the component? I think these will all start to fail over a short period.

Re: Line 6 relay G50/G90 transmitters- female sockets breaking up?
by ijstijger on 2013-02-03 09:08:29.1720

As I am considering purchasing a G90 set I am very curious about a reaction of Line6.

The connection thing seems to bring up a big worry. Don't want to run the risk of a major problem on stage.

Does anyone know if this issue is solved with recent units?

Re: Line 6 relay G50/G90 transmitters- female sockets breaking up?
by sdevino on 2013-02-10 20:32:05.9060

Hi Guys,

There was a running change to the connector housing. Newer units are shipping with metal connector housings. If you have a broken older unit contact customer service.


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