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Custom tunings sound "off"?
by MWolfkiel on 2013-01-19 09:33:52.1320

Hi, is anyone else experiencing strange custom tunings, especially the 1/2 step down, it sounds awfull. As if there is some sort of ghost note warbling behind the real note, much more noticable on clean tones than distorted ones. Am wworking on Simple Man by Skynyrd for a new cover band, and the 1/2 step down setting for the clean intro is completely unusable, wretched. Amyone else notice this or know what to do. Can I reset that tuning through workbench, but store it on the 1/2 step down setting and not one of the models?     

Re: Custom tunings sound "off"?
by silverhead on 2013-01-19 09:44:15.4830

A common cause of this is the unexpectedly loud sound of the natural string vibration. This can often be heard along with the alternate tuning of the string(s). One simple way to test is to use closed headphones to block out as much of the natural resonance as possible. A conclusive test is to record a sample; the natural acoustic sound of the string will not be recorded. If you continue to hear the ghost notes at the same level through the headphones, or in the recording, then there is an actual problem. Otherwise - you just need to crank the volume to overpower the acoustic sound.

Re: Custom tunings sound "off"?
by AlphaScorpious on 2013-01-19 13:45:47.8720

Are you just using only the Variax or are you using it along with something like the HD500? I had to get used to remembering to select "Variax" as Input Source 1 in the Edit software when I reworked my patches after I got my JTV-59.

Re: Custom tunings sound "off"?
by silverhead on 2013-01-19 14:17:58.2630

.... good thought. Also make sure you don't have Variax Mags selected as an Input. They will pick up the actual tuning of the strings - not the altered tuning.

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