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Universal Volume control of Models?
by ThomasBrunkard on 2013-01-19 09:51:26.3510

Hi all,

Just got a brand new JTV 59.  I already have the previous gen and this new one is working out fine bar one thing.

I'd guess that one thing those gigging guitarists might be inclined to do is to model their current number one guitar to ease the variax transition. 

In doing this I noticed that the output of the cirtual guitars are all quite hot both through VDI and line connections compared to the regular guitars I have here.  Before I run through Workbench and take the 8db off al the models to make them match has any tips to address this?   I've been doing an A/B with every cable and axe I have to hand and it's definitely very hot signal for the modelled guitars.  I use a HD500 and have had a regular guitar in both aux and Guitar in with the VDI as as A/B the Variax in the same ports.

To paraphrase Hewy Lewis - the JTV models are too darned loud at moment

All help very much appreciated.

Re: Universal Volume control of Models?
by silverhead on 2013-01-19 10:05:57.8520

You could try using the PAD switch on the HD500 Guitar input. I don't think this will affect the VDI though.

Re: Universal Volume control of Models?
by mdmayfield on 2013-01-19 14:49:30.8300

Assuming it's the same for the JTV as the 300/500/600/700, if you're looking to reduce the level of ALL models no matter what, you should be able to go into Workbench's String Volume Setup and turn down all the string pickups. This affects all modeled (but not magnetic) output from the Variax.

Re: Universal Volume control of Models?
by Inerzia on 2013-01-19 19:30:21.2380

Doesn't that volume control affect the signal before it hits the modeling circuitry?
If it does, what mdmayfield suggests would have a big impact on the way the models sound.

Re: Universal Volume control of Models?
by Nipp on 2013-01-20 06:57:11.5540

On regular guitars with passive pickups there is a resistance not having volume on 10 - since it affect tone a bit turning it down. Unless tested out bleed circuits for this not to happend.

But on the variax - does lowering volume on guitar have a bad effect on tone?

Seems to me the most natural way of handling this.

Re: Universal Volume control of Models?
by mdmayfield on 2013-01-20 09:08:18.5910

I think that it's pre-modeling, but my understanding is that most of the components (pickups, volume/tone) in a guitar are fairly close to dynamically linear. As far as I can tell, the body/pickup/volume/tone model doesn't change its behavior very much based on level, unlike an amp or amp model.

I could still be wrong, but in my experience, I haven't noticed any tone quality issues doing this. If you wanted to test exactly what happens, you could adjust the string volumes down and then boost the input in the Pod to compensate and compare recordings.

Re: Universal Volume control of Models?
by gtrman100 on 2013-01-20 09:09:23.0090

Lowering the volume on a Variax doesn't change the tone like it does in a passive guitar. I have found that the tone controls on the Variax's don't work quite like a regular guitar though. There seems to be a midrange boost as you roll off treble.

Re: Universal Volume control of Models?
by player99 on 2013-01-20 15:58:17.1760

I find it does affect the tone. For me it is an issue. The Variax volume is too loud so it causes distortion of my amp and pedals, but when I lower the volume using the volume control or string volume in workbench it makes the guitar sound sucky.

Re: Universal Volume control of Models?
by ThomasBrunkard on 2013-01-21 03:13:08.4940

Thanks for the responses guys.  I went ahead and set what appears to master volume for each model down a few DB and it seems to have done the trick without affecting the instruments.  More tweaking to be done here!

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