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x3 live, wrong tone change
by sullibass on 2013-01-19 11:38:03.4550


i have the following problem with my x3 live

imagine: i have a preset selected with two individual tones, A and B

i am in the A

i modify it and i save it

then i step into one of the buttons of OD, Stomp, delay or comp

instead of activate it or desactivate it, it changes automatically into the tone B, but in the screen appears something strange, the black rectangle changes into B but without the name of it

appears empty

it happens almost always

and not always after saving also in other different moments

i have it updated, of couse

and that is really annoying and is risky to use it live

what´s the problem?

can it be solved?


Re: x3 live, wrong tone change
by videoman77 on 2013-02-16 22:22:03.9420

I have the same problem on one if my patches. I go from T1 to T2 and the same thing happens. It started doing that 1 or two firmware or flash memories ago.

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