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Coal Chamber, Ektomorf sound help. Greatly appreciated.
by danp207 on 2013-01-19 12:15:45.2510

Dear Line 6 community,

I was listening to old 1990's, early 2k's nu metal records and found my jaw dropping at the particular tones of Coal Chamber's guitarist Rascon (in particular the straight distorted tone from their 2002 album Dark Days) and the general distorted tone from Ektomorf's last few albums

I am a POD HD500 owner and have tried searching for any community preset that might resemble it but to no avail.

In conducting research as far as their gear is concerned, the general consensus is that they BOTH use the Electroharmonix Big Muff (Most likely the modified one that Korn's guitar techs used to make) in some way or fashion. 

I understand that a lot of these tones are at times doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in recording, but there has to be a combination of Line 6's incredible selection of virtual gear to get a tone somewhat similar to that.  I would describe it as the opposite of the general "Djent" tone.

I have also included links to songs that showcase the tones very very well for anyone that is willing to give me a hand with this:

Coal Chamber example: First song "Rowboat"">"> skip to 0:39 to get a perfect example of the Coal Chamber tone I am looking for. 2nd example is a song called "Friend"">">

Ektomorf example:">"> (Song: God Will Cut You Down from album Redemption).  Great example of another thick tone (certainly different than the Coal Chamber example) that I am looking for all throughout the song

PS: Yes Ektomorf is very Soulfly-ish and Coal Chamber is very reminiscent of old school Korn but they still make me want to smash walls when I lift.

Thanks all

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