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by dkglauer on 2013-01-19 14:04:00.8330

Hi everyone I recently joined the Pod family by picking up a used PodXTPro. I've been tinkering around with it a lot but have a few questions (but also welcome any tips or tricks that are note worthy).

-The headphone jack sometimes is shotty, it stays mono unless I quickly crank the volume, is this normal?

More importantly;

-I have all my drivers and software goodies uptodate I believe (Gearbox, drivers, monkey, license manager, etc) but I'm a bit confused on how to get gearbox inside GarageBand to recongize my PodXT Pro. The stand alone verison works fine, but inside the DAW it doesn't want to play nicely. I'm really excited about the ability to similtaniously record a dry and processed track.

Thanks everyone.


Re: Guitar>PodXTPro>USB>GarageBand
by Triryche on 2013-01-21 14:17:07.3900

The headphone symptom is not normal.

What type of headphones do you have.

Gearbox is just a graphical editor for the xt and X3 series. So when you say the "standalone" works fine, it is the PODxt Pro that is processing the tones, not the Gearbox software. You can not use Gearbox as a plug-in in Garage Band. In the past Line6 did sell a Gearbox plug-in license, so if you had a Gearbox license you could upgrade to POD Farm 1.12 plug-in for free as that is what replaced the Gearbox plug-in. Currently Line6 offers POD Farm 2.5 for a plug-in.

You can do hardware reamping which is sorta like having a plug-in, but not nearly as convenient.

Here's a link to the manuals.">">

Clear as mud??

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