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Mobile IN, Mobile POD and recording
by Weeviewom on 2013-01-19 17:45:44.6260

Love the tones from the Mobile POD, however to justify the high price of the Mobile IN interface I strongly believe that one or all of the following MUST be included in future updates.  AM I the only user frustrated by the inability to use the awesome Mobile POD tones for anything practical?

* The ability to output the Mobile POD tones to GarageBand or other recording apps

* A 4 or 8 track recorder add-on to Mobile POD (I'm sure there would be many, many users willing to pay for this via in app purchase)

* A phrase sampler to allow one to jam along with oneself, listen back to performance etc

* Import your own songs/backing tracks from iTunes to the Jammit app to play along and record

I would love to hear from Line 6 that there are plans to include these features in the future, or their reasons for not adding such obvious and essential features.

Line 6 is so far ahead of the competition as far as modeling and tone goes, it is extremely disappointing that they lag so far behind in other areas.

Re: Mobile IN, Mobile POD and recording
by Nu2moro on 2013-01-20 01:40:00.4610

The only positive thing line 6 are saying is that they are listening to users comments!  Very poor support IMO!

The mobile in works well as a physical input device but like most I bought it for the ability to play and record the pod sounds.  They probably have some reason they will use to justify the lack of support, but the lack of communication to the end users makes the situation very frustrating.

Re: Mobile IN, Mobile POD and recording
by Weeviewom on 2013-01-20 05:37:16.7890

If Line 6 Released a "full" paid version of Mobile POD with recording capabilities and/or Audiobus support I'm sure most who have invested in Mobile IN would upgrade and many more users would jump on board. This would offset some if not all of the lost revenue Fromm Jammit, which I can only assume is one of their reasons for the lack of these features.

Line 6 has a massive library of great Guitar Port backing tracks and tabs that would be a great addition to the Jammit library and would make Jammit much more appealing.  Unless there are software/compatibility issues (which could surely be overcome anyway), I can't see why these shouldn't be utilized.  Granted most aren't original artist recordings, but as a practice/learning tool this would put Line 6 & Jammit right at the top of the tree.

I do hoe they're listening...

Re: Mobile IN, Mobile POD and recording
by silverhead on 2013-01-20 05:51:08.7450

They best way to provide suggestions for product improvements to Line 6 is to use their official Product Feedback page:">">

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