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JTV 59 Live
by brywool on 2013-01-20 13:52:46.3800

So I've got my HD500 setup with all my guitar patches and tunings, both electric and acoustic.

I'm in a few bands. In one band, the reason I actually bought the JTV, I'm a multi-instrumentalist
(electric, acoustic guitars, keyboards, and mandolin). In the other band just an electric and an

acoustic for a few songs.

With the multi-instrument band, I'm going to run the JTV and HD500 direct to a Bose L1/II system. That's what I was using before

but just running my stuff direct or through a guitar processor on 4 different channels. Now, I'll only use 3 (keys, hd500, mandolin on some nights).

It sounds GREAT through the Bose, especially the acoustic guitars. I'll be using it this coming weekend in a show for the first time and I'm psyched to

hear how it goes. I'm pretty confident it'll do fine.

In my other band, where I'm just running a Fender Deville with a Strat and an acoustic guitar run directly, I'm not sure the JTV will work.

While I've got the guitar sounding good through the HD500 and amp, the Acoustic models that I set up for the Bose sound like caca-doody though the Fender amp- I expected that.

Is anybody out there running the JTV to their amp and having good results? Is it a matter of EQ or are you splitting the signal and maybe running direct to the PA for the acoustic patches and to the amp for the others?

What's the best way to do this kind of a setup? I could still bring my 12 string to the gig, but it might be cool on smaller stages to use just the JTV.


Re: JTV 59 Live
by ThomasBrunkard on 2013-01-21 08:39:24.0890

The way speakers in guitar amps are voiced is anathema to what you want from an Acoustic guitar so I'd be very surprised if anyone got this to work.  It's one thing about the full dream rig (i.e. with a DT amp) that gets me.  Anything that needs a full range response needs a full range speaker.

For the gig with the guitar amp you could do this:

For your acoustic patches pan them to the other extreme to the connector your plugging to the amp.  Run a jack lead straight to the mixer for your acoustic sounds.  If you just have one jack in one of the line outs it will sum the stereo but if you have both and panning then you can separate the acoustic guitar and not suffer the consequences of aa clanging acoustic coming out of an electric amp.  You'll probably need to have a monitor for at least the acoustic sounds but you'd need if you're playing with a drummer anyway with a real acoustic. 

Re: JTV 59 Live
by brywool on 2013-01-21 11:45:46.1060

Thanks Thomas! I will try setting this up tonight and see how far I get.

Re: JTV 59 Live
by klarkkentster on 2013-01-21 13:54:48.8640

Has anyone tried this yet?

My new JT will hopefully show up this week and I will try it. You could leave the amp at home and run straight to the board from the HD500 and seamlessly go between acoustic and electric

Re: JTV 59 Live
by pcep on 2013-01-22 10:05:01.2020

Hi Briwool,

I got a JTV-69 back in late November/early December. I too end up playing a bunch of different stuff during a typical set (electric, electric with capo, banjo, baritone, mandolin), so the thought of being able to consolidate some of this with the JTV-69 made the decision easy for me.

I run my guitar into a pedalboard full of various pedals (rather than a POD), into a combo amp. I have an A/B box on the pedalboard (one side goes to the amp, the other to the PA), and for the acoustic/banjo songs, I route the signal to a DI and then direct to the PA, rather than through the amp. This works great for me.

Good luck. Hopefully you'll have similar success with this method.

Re: JTV 59 Live
by brywool on 2013-01-23 10:49:31.7920

Thanks PCEP for the reply.

Man, I've been trying to reply but the forum seems to be screwy slow today.

OK- I think I've got this figured out.

Bare with me for a sec-

For my multi-instrument gig, I will run my Variax and HD500 directly to my Bose L1/II system. I also run my keyboard and mandolin through it and send the sound guy one line. Makes things easier for him for sure. No need to split anything, just run the HD500 to the Bose, good to go.

For the gig I posted about where I need to send the acoustics to the mains and the electric to my amp, I just put in two guitar cables into the HD500. Ran one to the Bose and ran the other to my amp. I used the VDI cable on the Variax to connect the guitar. I had already set up my patches and for the ones with the Amp, I didn't put an amp in the signal chain of the HD500. Just used it as an effects unit basically.

For the Acoustics, same thing, no amp, just straight acoustic sounds. Basically as Thomas said above.

In the settings for each patch, I split the balance. Ran all the electric sounds to the right, all the acoustic sounds to the left.  I also had to tweak the patches so that for the electrics the Variax wasn't really a factor and I just ran straight guitar- although I think I did use one tele patch for a Stones tune. I also added my tunings to the HD500 patches for the ones that had special tuning.

I found I was trying to mess with the balance in the wrong spot of the HD500. I needed to do it in the patch section and I think I was trying to do it globally. The Line 6 video where the acoustic/electric sounds are layered gave me the clue to select the correct balance controls.

This seems to work great. I'll know for sure after Friday's gig. Friday I'll use the split setup. Saturday I'll use the Bose setup (2 different bands). Friday'll be the first time I use the JTV59 or the HD500 live. Kinda scared about that Beav, but I think it'll be okay as I've been really dialing things in.

I realize a lot of you probably already know how to do this, but I figured it might help someone else.

Re: JTV 59 Live
by petef on 2013-01-23 13:04:14.0940

It would be great if the HD500 could route patches to the XLR outs and 1/4" outs in a different way (not tied together)..  then the acoustic patch could route to the XLR and other patches to the 1/4"..   I play through FRFR so this is not an issue for me..

Re: JTV 59 Live
by phil_m on 2013-01-23 13:40:43.4730

You can do something very close to that by using the HD500's effects send as an output.

Re: JTV 59 Live
by klarkkentster on 2013-01-23 14:50:00.6110

Would love to have more info on utilizing the effects send on the HD 500

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