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JTV-69 Cant get my tremolo arm out!!
by glt56 on 2013-01-21 06:10:24.7110

Hi folks,

Looks like my new JTV-69 tremolo arm has decided it isn't ever going to let go of the trem block... it just won't come out no matter how hard I pull! 

Any suggestions?? ...and yes I have slackenend the little grub screw!



Chester UK

Re: JTV-69 Cant get my tremolo arm out!!
by Hey_Joe on 2013-01-21 16:48:28.8310

The updated bridge which you should have if you have a NEW JTV-69 - (not the original one that first came out when the JTV-69 was first unveiled [2011?]) trem should screw in clockwise. Maybe you didn't know it threaded on and also gets snug with the set screw and collar. Maybe you have the arm slightly threaded on and that's why it's holding on. Try spinning the bar with a few counter clockwise twists and see if that releases it.

You didn't mention threading it on or off above, so that's why I suggested this.

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