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Backup disc for Pod X3 Pro help
by ninthaspect on 2013-01-21 07:26:20.0470

Can anyone tell me what I need to create a rescue disc for the future in case this site stops supporting the Pod X3 Pro, can I make a disc to install absolutely everything I would need to reload the pod from a total pod crash/failure. Also  could anyone provide links to the correct downloads?

Monkey gives me the stuff i need but if X3 wasnt supported anymore how would i reload the pod without all the stuff saved on a disc?

Thanks for any advice!

Re: Backup disc for Pod X3 Pro help
by silverhead on 2013-01-21 07:37:19.0700

You can download all the files you need from the Downloads section of this website (see top right of this page).

You should also download the installer for Line 6 Monkey itself because it is required to actually transfer the firmware into the X3 device. Within Monkey there is an option to install the firmware from a file rather than having Monkey download it from the website. This is the option you would use if the firnware was not available on the website.

Re: Backup disc for Pod X3 Pro help
by nevets12 on 2013-01-21 07:47:46.0530

I can't see why Monkey would stop supporting the pro.  Also, you should always be able to backup your files.  Are you thinking that if monkey stops supporting your device that your going to need a backup disc or a way to back it up in case your Pod fails?

Seems like a bad move for line6 to stop supporting their older products.  The least they will do is stop having new updates but you should always be able to backup your files.

Is there a setting in gearbox or monkey where you can save your backup to a disc?

Also, you can save your .exe files instead of relying on line6 to keep the download software.

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