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by es336td on 2013-01-22 20:05:56.6880

Just bought a used X3 Live.   I have 2 AX2s, and an M9 so I'm familiar with Line 6 gear.  How can I edit?   POD Farm?

Re: Newbie
by johnpicton on 2013-01-24 09:18:40.5710

Yes you can edit in pod farm - You can also use gearbox. Both can be downloaded from Line 6 website or through the Line 6 monkey.

Re: Newbie
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-24 09:22:16.2960

slightly wrong john....

you need gearbox to interface with the x3...

pod farm (version 1 only) PLUGIN works with the x3...

making it impracticle for tone editing use, that and you'd still need gearbox as the only way to send the tone to the x3.

the simple answer... use gearbox.

can you do some things with pod farm and eventually end up with that tone on your x3... yes... but not without using gearbox.

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-01-24 13:52:38.4410

I figured it out on my own and came to the same conclusion.  Thanx!

Now for something completely different...

  1. I have a Variax 600 and VDI cable. I am under the impression that the X3 controls the Variax when using the VDI, not vice versa?  So, I could set up user banks that would have whatever set ups for each patch on the Variax?
  2. I also want to use my Epi Les Paul.  I would have another bank set up for all the patches I use with normal guitars.  As long as it's not in the same bank, it should interfere with the Variax?
  3. I want to use an MXR MicroAmp to boost the weaker models.  Will putting this in the effects loop accomplish this for both the  Variax patches, and the regular guitar input.
  4. I will be running this set up into a Fender Blues Jr.   On my other pedal board, I have an M9.  Is it possible to bypass all amp models and just use the effects blocks?  I also have a Peavey KB2 keyboard amp.  Would it be better to leave the amps in tact and use it?

This will be my small rig to use in smaller clubs.  I want to set it up so I just have to plug and play.  Doing the design and set up at home, then just go at a gig.

Sorry for all the questions, but the manual doesn't address each question, at least not as I can see.  Any help would be appreciated.   Now on to GearBox

Oh... I bought this used... so registering the X3 would not be necessary?

Re: Newbie
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-24 13:59:56.3860

1. yes, you can have your tone on the x3 automatically select the variax model you want to use with that tone.

2. you can actually just set the input to guitar+variax and use either.. if the tone is suitable... you can also keep them seperate and organize it however you want.

3. yes, you can use the fx loop with the variax.

4. i'd use the fender blues with the amp models intact just go into the fx return for best (subjective) results... but the keyboard amp may be an option as well... up to you

i would still register it.. but its not required... just nice to have the serial number tucked away if it gets ripped off... or you need to send it to service.

Re: Newbie
by rmdnet on 2013-01-26 18:15:26.7420

Cool that you just got the POD X3.  I still think it's the best.  One thing about tones though that we found playing indo and outdoor shows.  Test tones at home LOUD and junk the stock tones.

Here's an Indoor clean tone we like followed by a nice semi distorted lead tone,

Also another one for outdoor that's kind of van halen'ish.

This last one was with a POWERENGINE 2x12 Amp that passes the tone without adding any color.

Tones are in the tone bank if you like'em

Have Fun!

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-01-28 20:26:50.7180

Ok...   I've had the 1st chance to play with it tonight.   I bought a new VDI cable from Sweetwater and it got here the other day.   I plugged my Vax 600 in, made sure the inputs were Vax and Guitar (how I want to run it), and nothin' though the headphones.   I don't normally keep the batteries in my Vax because they leak and cause problems.  I use them for short spurts, but mainly rely on the XPS power supply live.   I was under the impression that my power would come via the VDI.   Just in case that was wrong, I put the batteries in the Vax and connected it to the guitar input.   I got a bunch of white noise, but nothing much else.   Haven't tried another guitar yet, but figured I'd post something here.    I may just try to reset the damn thing to factory and see what happens.   Thanx in advance.

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-01-28 20:51:43.9270

Did the factory reset, and the Guitar input now works.  Still can't get the Variax working via VDI...  

Re: Newbie
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-29 04:29:34.0290

power some should come from VDI, as long as you are using one of the VDI pods or vettas and not the workbench interface.

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-01-29 07:04:22.7010

I have a Vax 600, a VDI (or DVI as I've seen it) cable with the two metal end CAT 5 type cables.   I connect it to my new X3 Live.  Shouldn't the X3 recognize it immediately?  Do I have to have the battery pack in?   I just thought of something, do I have to set up each patch to recognize the Vax via GearBox, or is it a global thing?   I don't remember any other Line 6 gear being this difficult to start out...  except maybe my 1st M9 that had a bad circuit board; expression pedal wouldn't work.

Re: Newbie
by silverhead on 2013-01-29 07:16:52.4900

You should take the battery pack out when using the VDI. The X3L should recognize the Variax immediately, and provide its power.

Yes, you need to set the Input to Variax in each preset; I can't recall if there is a global input setting - if so you should see it easily in Gearbox.

Re: Newbie
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-29 07:21:46.8890

the default input on some tones is set to guitar+aux+variax but yes, check the input settings... pretty sure it's per tone.

it shouldn't be hard....

BUT... check the sockets on your variax and X3 for bent pins... it does happen and that would monkey up the whole works.

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-01-30 18:13:59.4130

Well... it still doesn't work.  Brand new VDI cable...  all the pins in all connectors (X3 Live, Variax, the cable) look pristine.  I go into Gearbox and set the input for whatever patch to Variax; nothing.   The Variax comes up in WorkBench with the cable that came with it, but only when the batteries are in and there is a guitar cable in the 1/4" input.   I love Line 6 gear, but damn if the new stuff isn't a PITA every time I get something!   The Variax has been to the shop 3 times.   My first M9 failed and was replaced.  Now this....   I really don't want to have to include fees from an authorized service center....  I could have bought a new HD or somthing.    Severely frustrating...    the normal input works fine...  I had just hoped to be able to run the Variax input along with the normal and aux...  sad.

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-02-01 12:28:38.5160

Just curious...  I haven't found it in the manual, but was is  Vx Ch 1 and Vx Ch 2 in the input section?  Variax L & R?   Still not working, BTW

Re: Newbie
by silverhead on 2013-02-01 14:15:17.2830

Just wondering - have you ever used the VDI connection on your Vax600 with some other piece of equipment? In other words, do you have any reason to believe the problem lies within the X3 rather than the Vax? I know the Vax works with Workbench and the cable supplied with it - but like you say in that case the Vax is powered by batteries. Unless you have used the Vax's VDI connection before there may be an issue with the connector or internal circuitry that handles the power.

I think we haven't ruled out Zap's suggestion yet - take a magnifying glass under good lighting and carefully inspect the wires inside the VDI connection of both the Variax and the X3. If any one of them is bent/depressed or otherwise out of position (not making solid contact) that could be the problem. This can easily happen if, for instance, you (or the previous owner) ever mistakenly attempted to insert a 1/4" plug into the VDI jack.

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-02-02 10:38:11.3060

Haven't done the detailed inspection.  At first glance, they all look fine.   I strongly believe it's my Variax and not the X3.  The kid that owned the X3 never had a Variax and never took off the rubber cap.   My Variax has died a few times... bad piezos...  battery leakage killed a connection...  just have to find someone or someplace with something I can test this thing on.   I've never used that connection except for the WorkBench cable and then a guitar cable has to be in the 1/4" to make it work.   Still trying everything, so I'll get to the detailed inspection.

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-03-21 20:53:10.8380

Everything looks pristine.  I went to 3 different Line 6 "dealers" today...  no one had any Variax stuff, or anything I could connect my 600 to with the VDI.   Both Guitar Centers had nothing but Spiders and Spider Valve models.  Sad.  Guess I have to break down and go  to Chuck Levin's...

Is there a way for me to use a meter and check to see I'm getting power from the VDI?   As I said above, everything is pristine.  The plug on the X3 Live was never used by the previous owner; never removed the rubber cover.  The VDI cable is brand new.   My 600 has had some issues, but nothing, I believe, that would cause it not to work.  When I connect it to my PC, Workbench still works.

Any other ideas, besides selling everything and buying something else?



Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-03-23 14:30:28.4360

Went to another Guitar Center closer to my house yesterday.   They had the same Spiider collection...  one used DT50 head....  and one JTV-69...  the JTV looked a lot nicer up close than in pictures.  Didn't take the time to try it out.   Still nothing on site to try the VDI connection in my Variax 600.  Sad.

Re: Newbie
by es336td on 2013-04-19 15:46:21.0600

Ok... so I lied...

I had a chance tonight to look into the Variax VDI connector with a good light.  Looking in there with the pins all on the bottom, it appears they are all lined up.  Further investigation shows that they all are slightly elevated, as I would expect,  except the 2nd one from the right.  It is pushed down slightly.  Also, the plastic "wall" at the very inner part of the connector (has slits where I guess the pins fit in) appears to be slightly damaged.   I am assuming this is my problem.   So, my question is, can I gently bend the odd ball pin up to the others' level, and ensure everything is in its slot, or should I bite the bullet and take it back to the shop?   I have a gig tomorrow night where I need it.  Plugging the power supply, or using batteries isn't a problem, just a pain.   I am assuming that the WorkBench interface doesn't use all these pins?  It works flawlessly.   I just wondered if any one had corrected this problem with success or is it super fragile?



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