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Toneport UX2 and Dual Mic
by plumbum on 2013-01-23 07:55:32.8080

A few months age I bought a Rode NT4 stereo mic for acoustic guitar recording.  I had problems trying to use the mic through the Toneport.  I'd really like to use the mic with the Toneport so I've done some investigating today.

The problem is that when I run the mic through the Toneport amd select stereo mic (or mic1 + mic2), in either Gearbox or Pod Farm 1, the signal is weak.  In fact it's practically non existent.  I want the tone as clean as possible so am just trying to run through a pre-amp only setting.  In my DAW (Reaper as it happens) I'm arming tracks and through experimentation seem to need to set up two track inputs as mono 1 and mono 3:

bit confused here, I thought 1+2 are + FX and 3+4 are dry does it not work that way with a dual mic input?

Some preamps work slightly better than others (ie slightly better signal) but overall there is a lot of noise and the tone is terrible.  The Rode has a split XLR so I'm plugging an XLR into both sockets on the front of the UX2.  We get great tone with an NT1 going through the UX2 (on a single mic setting) so I'm foxed as to why the stereo mic setting is so poor.  It seems unusable

To work around the problem I'm having to run the mic through two channels  on a little Behringer rack and from the main outs into the Line Ins on the back of the UX2 (set to Line Stereo with absolutely no preamps, FX, nothing) ) so I can monitor and have a head phone mix.  This works fine and the recording is lovely, a very true acoustic sound...but the setup is a bit of a palaver.

Any ideas what the problem is?  I'd be grateful for any help. 



Re: Toneport UX2 and Dual Mic
by Triryche on 2013-01-23 10:26:12.4680

In POD Farm mixer view you can select what the record sends are. What you stated I believe is the default. There is also a +18 dB boost option.  So in Reaper if you are selecting Stereo Mic, you should be able to arm a track to capture sends 1&2 and/or 3/4.

Re: Toneport UX2 and Dual Mic
by plumbum on 2013-01-24 02:47:06.7450

Thanks for the reply.  I'm trying to get a recording of separate channels through a preamp so in Reaper I tried setting up two mono tracks with Send 1 and Send 2 (left and right) as inputs respectively.  Unfortunately, the +18db option just boosts the noisy weak signal to a poor sounding signal that's louder (but still not strong).  I'm coming to the conclusion that the UX2 just doesn't play well with the Rode stereo mic.  I'd be interested to know if anyone has had any success with stereo mic recording through the UX2...



Re: Toneport UX2 and Dual Mic
by Triryche on 2013-01-26 08:51:28.8440

Have you tried selecting mic 1 for Tone A and mic 2 for Tone B?

I think selecting stereo mic is may not be the correct approach.

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